RS2 and RS+ Compatibility

Hi, I own a couple of RS+ units that I use as a base and Rover. We are planning to upgrade to RS2 but, having purchased the RS+ less than a year ago, we are planning to use both together. I know there is Compatibility between two models but wanted to know more precisely:

  • Can I use the RS+ as a base?
  • Will this degrade RS2 performance to that of the RS+? (due to different bands being used).

We usually don’t use NTRIP due to distance to base so we know the coordinates for the base. So my question is if mixing both models will yield a worse result than using two RS2.



Yes, you will loose a lot of the advantages that the RS2 has, like much faster fix, better precision over longer baselines, better resilience to noise (here under multipathing) etc.
However, you will still have the mobile-data, better lora, better antenna and the industrial build-quality of the RS2.


Thanks a lot!

Seems using (1) RS2 as BASE.
Then (1) RS2 for ROVER with BETTER FIX ETC. in trouble areas.

Then just use the other (2) RS+ receivers as ROVERS if need be, but sacrifice with just RS+ FIX. Just avoid trouble areas.

Or sell the (2) RS+ (before value tanks too quickly) or keep as backups. ; )

Hi @jrbcast,

I just wanted to clarify that this setup works only in one way: Reach RS2 as a base and Reach RS+ as a rover. Note, you won’t get the advantages of a multi-frequency receiver in such a configuration.

In the case of Reach RS2 as a rover, it requires multi-band corrections to operate correctly. That’s why it won’t work with Reach RS+ base.

Do you know that Reach RS2 provides larger baselines: 60km in RTK and 100km in PPK? How far is your nearest NTRIP station?


Continuing the discussion from @bide on Reach RS2:

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