RS2 accuracy with NTRIP

I am interested to hear peoples experiance of operating the RS2 with NTRIP correction (eg Leica SmartNet).
What reliable repeatable accuracy do you achieve using a paid correction subscription, and how does it stack up against other equipment eg Trimble R8, leica GS18 etc.

The reason I ask is - I already use a RS+ as a base for PPK image tagging. I also currently hire in an R8 or GS18 or equivalent for capturing points such as GCP targets or base locations. Quite often I need XYZ coordinates immediately for surveying in a LiDAR base station so there is not really time for post processing.

I am just at the point where I need to hire in a GPS rover almost weekly. I am also looking to get the RS2 for L1/L2 to with with the m2…

So the question is… with NTRIP correction, is the RS2 accurate enough to replace my need to hire in any other GPS rover etc.

I dont expect it to as accurate, but if it is almost nearly as good then it seems like a sensible solution…

What are your real world experiences with the RS2 with NTRIP correction.



Hi @hairyape1,

Reach RS2 can achieve a centimeter-level accuracy with NTRIP corrections.

Both Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 provides this level accuracy. For RS+ the distance between a remote base station and receiver shouldn’t exceed 30 km, for RS2 - 100 km in PPK.

You can find some examples of using this technology by our users:


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