RS2 2.24 no fix

Today for the first time I have had problems with RS2 and with the stable version 2.24.
Two days ago it was working fine until it began to not fix having corrections, both in NTRIP and in Lora.
In RV2 in the status the gray bars are present and the amount of satellites of the base and the rover vary from zero satellites to 40, returns to zero and 30 satellites and so on.
I turned them off and started all over again and it worked for a few minutes and the same thing happened again.
It is very strange because since I have the RS2 they have never failed me in this way.
Thanks Luis

SystemReport (1).zip (985.5 KB) (2.4 MB)

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I had a similar issue where the first boot did not create a fix. It worked for the remainder of the project after a base station reboot. Rebooting the rover did nothing.

It is very strange Chas, I worked several days without problems and today I am not looking at ntrip and lora. Turn off on rebout and not fixed. The corrections are present.
Satellite numbers continually fluctuate to zero.

Mine was showing a good satellite count on each unit. It just wasn’t fixing and seemed like a LoRa issue. I am sure you tried changing constellations and radio frequencies?

I was in a wide open field without trees, I had 40 satellites in the rover and the base and it did not fix.
Now I did a reflash and it is fixing on Lora in the garden of my house.

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2020 gremlins…

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It probably wouldn’t hurt to visit this site for info on GPS status:

When doing precise geodetic work, it pays to know what’s going on upstairs.


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Hi Luis,

Just wanted to tell you that we’re looking into the data. I’ll be in touch once there’s news.

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Thank you very much Polina, I will send you other files today!

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Hi Luis,

Could you elaborate on the results of the reflashing procedure? Did you notice any difference in units’ performance after it?

I’ve looked into your data. At the moment, the behavior looks unusual. We need to investigate it further. That’s why we need additional data to see the full picture.

Please, share additional data from the following test:

  • place your rover in an open environment according to the placement requirements

  • reset all settings to the default

  • enable the raw data debug option

  • connect to the NTRIP service

  • record logs for at least 15 minutes

  • share the logs and Correction Input tab screenshot with me

This will allow us to check the available RTCM3 messages, the solution status during the survey and if the rover is capable of obtaining corrections.

Please, run the same test while configuring the corrections input through LoRa radio. Please make sure your base is placed correctly.

Hi Polina, thanks for the reply. After doing a reflashing it has not failed me again, but I did the tests with LORA. Soon I will do what you tell me. greetings Luis

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