RS2 RTK issues

I’m having the same issue, haven’t been getting fix on Ntrip after updating.

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Hi Abiodun,

To help us to determine the issue, please, share the following:

  • screenshot of the Correction Input tab while receiving corrections on your Reach RS2 with raw data debug option on
  • the raw data log, position log, and base correction log from the rover (2.0 MB) (19.9 KB) (22 Bytes) (31.4 KB) (1.2 KB) (314.1 KB) (2.9 MB)

Hi Abiodun,

Thanks for the logs! I’ll check them and get back with the news.

I think the problem is the mountpoint which is only a DGPS (dm-accuracy)

Hi Abiodun,

Thanks for your patience!

I’ve checked your data. It looks like the corrections from the base are not in RTCM3 format. That’s why the receiver can’t use them for calculation.

Please check the connection with another Mount Point that can share the RTCM3 corrections. It’d be also helpful if you could share the screenshot of the Correction Input tab while the grey tick next to the connection message is pressed: this will help us to see the correction messages that the NTRIP sends.


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