RS+ receving no NTRIP corrections

Hy there,

i recently signed up to my local ntrip provider here in Bavaria.
Now I typed in all the ntrip informations in Emlid Flow and wanted to use my old basestation rs+
as a rover.
Most likely I somewhere forgot to change some settings but as I am not very used to all this specs i made some screenshots which I wanted to show you.
Hopefully someone can spot a mistake I made.

Best regards,


Hi Andreas,

At the first glance, the settings look okay but I’d recommend going over the Working with NTRIP service guide instructions to double-check the configuration. It could be useful to set this up from scratch following the steps from the guide.

If it doesn’t help, please try to connect your RS+ to another Wi-Fi network to see if this changes anything. It could be your smartphone’s hotspot, for example.

Please let me know how it works for you.

I would like to connect my Base to NTRIP using mobile data in the field and my Rover to the Base. This:

does not explain how to do that. "An NTRIP service allows you to configure RTK using only one GNSS receiver acting as a rover. "


does not work.


works but is useless for working in the field away from my local WiFi network.


I’ve replied to you on the topic you created earlier. Let’s continue the troubleshooting there. It’s better to keep one topic for one particular issue since a similar pattern doesn’t always mean there is a common reason for such behavior.

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