RS+ doesn't turn on

I have two RS+ units which had been in regular use during 2019. About a year ago i was temporarily reassigned to a different job due to the pandemic. The temp job had nothing to do with GNSS so i put the units in storage. I locked up our two RS+ units in the climate controlled office inside a pelican box. I just took them out today and one charges but the other is dead. it wont charge and it wont turn on. I am sure it was fully charged and turned off when i put it away. i just now sent in a email help request but what is the outlook here? will i have to ship it and wait to get it back? or can i just get a new battery somewhere and do the install my self?

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As usual, email with serials.

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Hi Tracy,

I’ve answered you in the email you sent us. Let’s proceed with our correspondence there as we need to get some sensitive information from you.

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