Emlid RS+ WIll Not Charge

This is my second RS+ replacement. I have replaced my RS+ about 2 years ago with very limited usage (less than 3 or 4 field visits and not used for about 8-9 Months) and it is exhibiting the same behaviors when it was replaced prior, not charging, or being able to start up. This is honestly very frustrating. I have extremely limited use of the RS+ units I purchased approximately 2 years ago ( less than3-4 total field visits) and this is the second time I have had an issue (identical to first issue) where it will not charge and am unable to start up. As an individual engineer trying to make a living off this equipment, it has been frustrating putting trust into a company where the products have had very spotty reliance and being able to actually work. I am open to suggestions.

I don’t know, but after reading posts like this over the years, it’s made me just leave my Reach RS (non-plus) units plugged in when not in use at all times. I think at a couple points I had them in storage for several months not charging though.

I think there was a post by @wizprod at one point where I was mistaken about the battery charging.

I was under the assumption they were like old style battery technology that it wasn’t a good idea to leave on charger due to battery memory and it would reduce the life of the battery.

He corrected me as with this better battery technology, they do not have this memory problem as the older technology. I guess leaving on a charger was better than not?

I have the much older Reach units. They still hold 100% charge. I don’t know what it is, but seems the RS+ (plus) versions have more posts about dead battery units that EMLID typically replaces them after owner contact, but never a response as to why, out in the open here. Probably like in your first case.

I think it was good of them to replace. Not sure what they do after more time lapse with the same problem?

In fear of mine not working, I just keep them charging during non-use… kind of like trickle charging a battery in a car or generator that isn’t being used for months at a time?

Hopefully we can get an explanation for this problem and how to better prevent it?

Good luck.

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Hi Pete,

The behavior you experienced with your Reach RS+ is not natural for Reach receivers, and such issues are quite rare. I’ve just answered you via email since we will need some details that may include sensitive info.

Thank you for your response, I have replied to your email with the requested information.

With the technology of the batteries in these units, should we be leaving them plugged in when stored for long periods of time without use? I.e. a few to several months?

Thank you!

Hi @timd1971,

To prepare Reach receivers for storage, I’d suggest following the instructions from our User Guide:

  • Charge the battery to at least 60%

  • Turn the device off by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds. Make sure that the device is turned off by checking that the power LED went out

  • Store the device at room temperature

If the receiver is stored for a long time, we recommend charging its battery to at least 60% every 3 months.


That is good to know!

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