RS 2 not Power on

I have a RS2 that not powers on.

Has the powern on also a reset function for the device (longer press)?

when i connect to a charge it shows loading then charging and full charge.


Hi Andreas,

Could you clarify if the device has behaved in such a way from scratch?

What’s the LED sequence once you press the power button?

I did Test it. Everything was ok.

I did sind it to a Customer.

On it don’t goes on.

The.funny thing is if he Connects Power to,usb the device Starts.
Battery Shows 100 % . If he removed usb Power it Turns off.

Could it be something with the external power setting? But then that for the bottom connecter only ,Right?

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Hi Andreas,

Sorry for the delayed response!

Would it be possible for you to generate the Full System Report on the unit and send it to me in PM?

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Hi Andreas,

We will replace the unit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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thank you very much!

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