Reach RS2 charge status

I am not to impressed with the battery on the RS2, mine discharges quickly and never reaches a full LED charge status still blinks no matter how long and no matter what charger you use and I am using one that is capable of full voltage and amps. :-1: Do these have some sort of smart discharge as mine was fully charged and took it out a month later after sitting in a temp controlled environment with a constant temp of 62f and they were completely dead!!!

We are headed to Florida tomorrow and will be able to give them a full test and workout hopefully the batteries last!

Hi Matthew,

This is the issue with the wrong battery level measurement which results in wrong charge status indication. We are working on improving battery status indication as, unfortunately, it’s not perfect now, and we hope to fix the issue in one of the future updates.

That’s why I currently recommend relying on the battery voltage level, not on charge status in the ReachView app.

However, I’d like to ask you to send me the Full System report from the device in PM, so I can check it out to confirm that the battery is indeed fine.

Also, it might be useful to conduct the following test to check if the battery works as expected:

  • put the unit on an overnight charge
  • disconnect it from power and check how long it will be working until full shut down

Hi Tatiana, one device shows me the full charge, the other one keeps flashing the light

Hi Luis,

Thanks for the report!

This is only an indication issue. We’re aware of it and are working on the fix as well.

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Same here. Two RS2’s and both are hung on the 4th LED blinking. I haven’t run them continuously for more than 3 or 4 hours, but will bench test them this afternoon.

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Hi Michael,

It’s more likely an indication of the same issue I stated above. I’d recommend keeping the unit on charge for at least 9 hours and then checking how long it will work to exclude a possibility there might be a hardware malfunction.

You can also share with us a Full System report over after this test so that we can look into it and confirm everything works correctly.

Once we have any news on this indication issue, I’ll be here with an update.


It seems we’ve already released this fix in v2.22.5 version, so it’d be nice if you have a chance to check if it works as expected.

Hi Tatiana! With version 2.22.5 the battery charging gold continues. The last led continues to flash after 10 hours of charging

Same here. I was able to run a continues 12 hours with no issue, but the receivers still don’t report a full charge.

Do you mean that the last LED keeps blinking? For how long? Could you please send us a full system report after you see this behavior?

Correct. Use took it down to 2 LEDs and recharge overnight still left the 5th LED blinking. I am recharging now and will collect the report once the 5th LED lights and has been blinking for an hour.

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Hi Luis and Michael,

Thanks for the system reports! We’ll look into them to understand the issues.

I’ve deleted your posts with reports as they can contain sensitive information.


I’ve got similar issue with my brand new RS2.
On it’s first day after unpacking I couldn’t get it fully charged, last LED kept flashing (even when charging overnight), reachview reported 90%. First I didn’t pay attention, but since I found a couple of thread here, I’ld like to add my experiences.

Today, I just powered up the device and I cannot charge it above the reported 93% (It’s on the charger for 1h, but since the Current is 0A, I guess it won’t charge further.

It looks like the device now stops charging at 7V / 93%, when I unplug the charger for a while, and replug later, I see it charging with 0.9A an suddenly drops to 0A but still reporting 93%. (all room temperature)


I think I am the first person that reported this kind of issue on this platform. I can make 5 admissions.

  1. This issue still exists (or better said, persists) with one of my units (my designated base unit).
  2. I’ve found the battery to once in a while hit the 100% percent charge mark.
  3. Battery life during test after the 100% mark is not up to 22hrs as to be expected. 17hrs at best (still pretty decent).
  4. Charge status hits 94%…99% after charge and charger disconnected in the evening, early morning ready for the site, switch it on and you have 57%. (Where did the approximately 40% go??):thinking:
  5. Even at 57% or lower percentage, I can still set the base at 6am and return at 7pm to pick it up and it’s still working but with last LED on orange colour.

Update: 4h later, figures are the same, only device-temperature went up to 41.2°C, but still 93%.
Meanwhile we know the % in reachview is not accurate, but does it also affect the leds of the RS2?

Hi Richard and Andy,

May I ask you to share Full System Reports on your Reach RS2 units with me in PM? It’d help us see the cause of the issues.