RF interference from LoRa radio to GPR?

Just discovered the RS2 and it could be a great addition to my kit. My application is GPR, ground-penetrating radar. I want to use two RS2 units in a base-rover RTK configuration. Sounds like the connection between the base and rover uses the LoRa radio. My concern is that the LoRa radio uses 868/915 MHz frequency (at 0.1 watt) and the center frequency of one GPR antenna is 800 MHz, so there could be RF interference. The GPR antenna is shielded, but this may not be enough. Due diligence and all that…

Any comments or suggestions on this?

p.s. I have used a Leica robotic total station with radio communication, but that uses ~2.2 GHz frequency and has never interfered with the GPR.

I was going to ask if it GPR was shielded from throwing waves up and sideward, but the LoRa is actually 900-915Mhz so it shouldn’t be a problem.

What’s the likelihood that you will be running them in close proximity of each other at the same time?

The 800 MHz of the GPR is a center frequency for both transmit and receive. Typical frequencies received and recorded by the GPR might be +/- 150-200 MHz from that. My concern is about the GPR receive antenna picking up signal from the 868/915 MHz LoRa.

A typical configuration would be a RS2 sitting atop a range pole that’s attached to the GPR cart. The RS2 would stream NMEA to the GPR via cable. The distance between RS2 and GPR antenna would be ~1.5 m vertical.

It is difficult to give a precise answer on any question related to interference without making tests and measurements. Generally speaking, 0.1W is not a lot of power and we are surrounded by transmitters in the ISM range all the time. I think that your GPR will be just fine, we have never heard any complaints from GPR users.

Here are some examples of integration:

Being in construction we have receivers from several different companies and several different brands all the time. As long as we aren’t on the same channel there are no issue. We have even run two bases on different channels on the same job.

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