Regular Reboot-Problem with RS2

Hi there,
I have the same problem as Heinrich described in this thread:

which is: RS2 reboots like crazy during field work out of the blue and makes strange noises.

This issues has cost me roughly 5 hours of work in the last 12 months and I have to say that I am really upset about this.

Since Heinrichs thread is closed it would be great to understand what the solution to this problem is.

I had the problem with 29. firmware and now also with the current 30x.Working with NTRIP correction over cellular in RTk.
This is extremely unfortunate because it sometimes results in baselogs beeing stopped during reboot. Really bad.

The topic was prematurely closed. The replacement device had exactly the same effects, no improvement (id did take a while to understand this). So a hardware error is excluded.

I thought at that time that the problem may be related to the shutdown of 3G, which happened at that time. In the meantime there is only 2G (GSM) or 4G and higher everywhere, with 2G it should actually work. But it doesn’t work for me - with the problems described. Actually I rarely try it either, gave it up. It takes forever to get a FIX (longer than for the Reach RS+) and then it usually happens that the device resets itself, even with the current firmware version. The boot process then takes a particularly long time. I usually don’t have that much time because I normally only have a few points to measure or stake out.

My workaround is a mobile hotspot and the connection via WiFi (as before with the Reach RS+), into which the Reach and the iPhone logging in. It’s annoying because you have to take care of another device, e.g. its battery charge state. But at least that’s how it works and you quickly have a FIX.


Hi @kasanmascheff,

I can see that you have sent the report to us via We’re already checking it to solve this for you.

As further troubleshooting may require more sensitive data from you, let’s continue the investigation via email. We understand it’s important to have a stable setup and find the solution quickly. We’re on it.

Hi Heinrich,

Thank you for the detailed explanation! This looks like something we need to look into in more detail. So please share your full system report with us at with the SIM inserted. It will help us better identify the issue you’re facing so that we can solve it quicker.

Thanks for the support! I assume the system report should be created when the device crashed or does it not matter?


Hi Heinrich,

Yes, it’s better to see the crash in the logs to see the issue better. I can see that you have already sent the report, and I have received it. We’ll take a look into it and, if need more data, I’ll reach out to you through email. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that we have confirmed the hardware issues with the devices. If you experience similar symptoms on your device, please create a separate thread. Thanks!