Recommended new functionality for Emlid Flow

Hi guys!

I have some suggestions for improving the Emlid Flow product. Firstly, I recommend adding polygon and polyline features to the tool. It would be helpful if, after collecting a polygon feature, an ID could be assigned to it so that non-spatial attribute data such as names, phone numbers, and addresses could be associated with each polygon. Furthermore, it would be great if the attribute table for a specific polygon could be edited.

Secondly, it would be beneficial to add a manual creation functionality for points, lines, and polygons in Emlid Flow. This would allow users to draw a polygon using specific points without having to traverse through them.

Lastly, incorporating an API service into Emlid Flow would be a valuable addition. This would provide more flexibility and allow for customized workflows.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Emlid team for their outstanding work and innovative products. I hope my recommendations will be taken into consideration, and I am excited to see what new products Emlid will bring in the future.


Hi Enos,

Thanks for your positive feedback! It’s always great to see such proactive users.

Emlid Flow allows working with lines in the Survey plan. Please, feel free to check this out during the one-month free trial. Here’s the guide that covers this topic.

As for the polygons, we have this functionality in our roadmap. I’ll add your request as +1 to it.

Noted it!

That looks like a great feature, I’ll pass this to the devs as well.

Can you please elaborate a bit more on this? What do you mean by customized workflows?


For instance, if a user wants to collect data using Emlid Flow and then analyze or store that data using a different software application, a user could use the API to transfer the data from Emlid Flow to the other application. This would give users more flexibility in how they use and analyze the data collected by Emlid Flow.

Hi Enos,

Do you have an example from the other application or a more detailed workflow for this? It seems to me that if you’d like to use the data collected in Emlid Flow in some other application, you will be able to do that using import/export functionality. I might be missing out on something, so it’d be great to see some examples.

Hi Enos,

I just wanted to let you know that we added the ability to draw lines on the Survey plan for Emlid Flow 360. We’re planning to add this functionality to other platforms in the future as well.

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Thank you for providing the update. We sincerely hope that you are taking the above advice into consideration. Your efforts are commendable, Keep up the good work!



Sure, more features are coming!


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