Recommended battery power bank for M2 and LoRa Radio?

Are there any particular aspects of these portable external battery banks I should look for when powering a M2 along with the LoRa radio… I guess also extra output port for a phone or tablet controller if battery gets low in the field option? Something that would last long enough to log data for OPUS / PPP similar to the RS2+?

Are the typical 10000 mah 5V sufficient? I notice some have different amp output??? Are these faster charging or put out more for more devices? 1A, 2.1A, 3A? I dont want to fry the M2 LoRa.

Obviously the more mah capacity, the heavier and bulkier. Don’t want heavy or bulky on rover pole. Would M2 and LoRa radio be fine with 10000 mah, or larger or smaller?


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Just get a RS2+ , just saying :smiley:

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RS2+ has a 6400 mAh, 6.4 V battery so 10000 mAH should do it

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Simple USB Powerbank. I use 12500 mAh, but it can be bigger.


Hi @timd1971,

I just wanted to add that as long as a power bank provides 4.75 - 5.5 V, it is safe to use it with M2. Here is an old topic with a similar discussion that might be of help:


I’ve got two in my M2 bag, both 10000 mah. I’ve never have run one down, even on 5+ hours as static. I haven’t used mine in awhile (6 months) and I just checked both in my M2 hip bag. Both batteries still approx 75% power per the 3 lights.

I like to have both with me, just as you said backup for my phone when I’m +1 mile from the truck.


Wonder if @jzeph89 FRIED his M2 with this? :zap:

The specs state the battery can output 5v (which is fine), 9V and 12V which are not fine.

Or does it not work this way? Does the battery (or device) autosense which voltage to use?

I can find just a strictky 5V max battery bank output… but most new ones have more higher voltage and amp options.


I’m not sure that the battery can select an appropriate voltage itself. It’s definitely not recommended to use a 9 V or 12 V battery with Reach M2.

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Thank you for the help! Will stick with strictly 5V for the M2s!

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