Hi Emlid, what is the maximum ampere can M2 handle?

Hi Emlid, what is the maximum ampere can M2 handle?

I think this is more a question of maximum voltage. Electronics behave much like water pipes.

Voltage is the force of the electrons, compared to ground 0v. Much like water pressure KPa, is compared to atmospheric pressure 0KPag.
Resistance is the restriction to the flow of electrons, like a water valve.
Amperage is the flow of electrons, but is dependant on what the device draws. Like the volume of flowing water from the tap.

Less electrical resistance the more amperage the load will draw, if the load cannot dissipate the heat created from the high flow through controlling resistance, it heats up and burns. VxA=Watts

You can hook a LED rated for 12V to a gigantic 900A car battery, but it will only draw the milliamps it needs to run.

But if you hook a device rated for 5V to the same 12V battery, the device will burn up. Also a small 9V battery would toast the 5v device too.

The M2 will draw, or require at initial startup up to 2A at 5V. Then it will drop to a couple hundred milliamps. You need to have a supply that can maintain more than the max amp draw from the M2.

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i formerly use 5v 2amp power bank but today its not available in the market, the recent power bank specifications 5v 3amp. Im worried if 3amp destroy my m2.

is it ok to use 3mp 5v powerbank?

The device that requires the power(In your case the M2) will define how much current will flow. Having a powerbank that is capable of providing more current than the device requires is something you should always strive for. Otherwise you will experience voltage drop which could lead to malfunction.

So yes using a 3 amp 5V powerbank is a good choice.


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Hi Joseph,

That’s right – a 5V/3A power bank is totally fine for Reach M2. @PotatoFarmer and Jonas have nicely explained how it works :slightly_smiling_face:

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here is the specification of powerbank that i about to purchase.

You are good, It follows USB standard for output as well.


Looks good to me too :slightly_smiling_face: