Reachview2 Ntrip Server Settings

Sorry Ivereninov I inadvertently direct messaged you with this post. I intended to post it on community forum. I will now post it here. Please delete the direct message I sent you.

Great job on the new app! So excited to work with it. I have a questions regarding the ntrip settings on the base module. Under “Base Mode” “corrections output” I only see TCP and Serial options. Where can I enter the ntrip caster information? Thanks.

Hi Brent,

Thank you for your kind words!

Do you want to send correction data to a NTRIP caster? This is not yet supported, but sounds like a good feature.

Yes. Was that not supported on the old version? We had it working on old one. We got fixed solution by sending base rtcm via ntrip to rover. Now on new one it’s not working. Or am I using wrong terminology? If that feature was removed on new version we’ll have to come up with a different plan.Thanks


Could you please describe your previous setup with as many details as possible? How did you setup the base and the rover? Were they on one network?

I reflashed back to reachview image 1.2 to get this info.
No, they were not on one network.

Base Settings

Base Powered by USB battery pack. Connection to internet via Wifi.

Rover Settings

Rover Powered by USB from MiFi wireless Wifi. Connection to internet via Mifi or Cell phone hotspot.

My antenna locations may not all be up to specs in pictures but it has worked for me. I just have tinfoil and cardboard underneath antenna.
And yes, that is today’s weather. Canada isn’t always covered in ice, not even in November.

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Any news on the question of outputting rtcm to custom ntrip caster from base station or are you waiting for more info from me? Was that not a common setup using the previous reach image? Any feedback from users? All it required was internet access at each Reach and you could get correction info from Reach base station over internet. We set up our own ntrip caster where we fed rtcm into and then accessed that info from rover. My settings are above. I must have misunderstood previous posts because I thought that’s how other guys were doing it as well. I personally think it’s an extremely useful feature that puts it in the same league as some top brands of survey equipment. I reflashed back to version 1.2 when I saw it wasn’t available on the new beta version .If it’s not in the plans for future, I’ll have to forget about it and order radio setup. Thanks for consideration.

Hello, Could you (or anyone :grinning:) please tell me if this functionality (ntripserver) was removed in the new version? Reading through the docs, it sounds like there never was ntrip server capability…? But it was working on my Reach with v1.2 !?! :confused: (See screen shots) Please see my output path for corrections was ntripsvr followed by custom ntrip caster info. This was extremely useful as I could leave my base station set up and drive around and have rtk anywhere within 10km immediately after powering unit on, using mobile hotspot for data. If it’s no longer available, please suggest the best alternative workflow. I would prefer to use the new version but currently I am back on Reach v.1.2. Any answer would be greatly appreciated!
The units are indoors so there is not a fix solution.

and rover


We had a little mix up here, but will reintroduce NTRIP server functionality in one of the next updates.

A temporary workaround might be to send data to the caster over TCP, if it is possible with your caster.


Thanks so much for the response! I will consider my question answered and will reflash my Reach boards back to beta version!

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@Brent_W NTRIP Server is back, would you be so kind to test it out?


You guys are awesome! Ntrip server works great!


Hi @Brent_W, would you share how and where to setup username for NTRIP for base station which can be accessed in Rover with “user” as a value?

Those are all settings on the NTRIP caster.They cannot be set from the Reach. I will try to give more info on that later. We have a free open source NTRIP caster running continually on a server. Maybe I can get you a mount point on that for you to try out. My brother is the “brains of the outfit” :slight_smile: so I’ll have to talk to him.

Thank you, I will waiting for that

I’m so happy to hear that, but I’m in Indonesia, it’s so far I think.

Hi @Brent_W, I have try lefebure ntrip caster, I saw just a second in page connection, my ntrip server in reach appear, then disappear, then appear for a second, then disappear again. My base and notebook connect to phone wifi. In ntrip server setting, the address is notebook IP address. Would you help me to solve my problem? I use wifi just for test NTRIP.
@igor.vereninov @egor.fedorov @bide

Hello, I can’t provide you with technical assistance on Lefebure. I can, however, give you access to our caster and you can try out NTRIP and do more research on it. This is what we installed and are running on a server so that we have our caster available at all times.

For now, please copy my settings exactly, (we set up a mount point for you), and then private message me with screen shots of your settings and I’ll send you passwords. All you will then need to do is make sure both units have access to internet.

Base Settings - Base Mode

Rover Settings-Correction Input

Thank you for your response @Brent_W, I see on the address, maybe I have to use public IP on it.

Can you not enter it exactly like I did?

I just understand… Sure, i will try it soon. I still charge my powerbank.

Hello, Brent

I wonder if you could share the ntrip caster’s conf files, obviously leaving out the security info, like password.

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