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Today I made my first NTRIP experience, and my big doubt is if you have to have a cell phone that is sharing WIFI to the cell phone that used the Rechview.
How can I make my cell phone SIM card send wifi and create the hostpot? Summary I need an external source that shares the internet to use NTRIP?
Today I put the base station in my house through and the Wi-Fi network I have and the rover with a Samsung S7 and sharing the Internet with my Iphone 7, surpassed my expectations congratulations.-


  1. use Samsung S7 open wifi hostpot
  2. use other phone to add new wifi (from Samsung S7) network to Reachview after Reachview connect with Samsung S7 wifi.
  3. U can open Reachview app from Samsung S7.

thanks for your answer, but I always need another phone that shares a wifi network?

Hi @agrimgalina,

You don’t need 2 phones to connect Reach to the hotspot.
Check this guide in our docs, it covers the workflow of connecting to phone hotspot as well.


Thank you Tatiana

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If you are still having problems with using 1 phone and cell phone data and wifi connectivity at the same time, it may be a limitation with your carrier?

i.e. I remember years ago, that Verizon in the USA, would not let you use the internet while on a connected call. (total bs) I switched to AT&T at the time after and I could do this now easily simultaneously. I am back on Verizon again (as I heard better service which is also BS, its worse), and can simultaneously make a call (use cell phone data or create hotspot from my phone) and use the internet while on a call. So no need for (2) phones, 1 for call, 1 for internet. I will be switching back to my other poison AT&T.

Maybe your carrier is different and more restrictive? Hopefully not.

If you’re using one of those older handheld data collectors, it may not support 5Ghz wifi from the phones hotspot? There is an advanced setting in the phones hotspot where I have to disable 5Ghz wifi in order for my older Data collector to connect. (Trimble Nomad 900G).

If Tim now understood, you have to have a cell phone that shares internet with the cell phone that is being used with rechview. Thank you

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Sorry to jump on your thread, was the answer to use two phones as you initially suggested?
One to be the hotspot and internet connection for the ntrip, the other phone to be the “controller” to use the survey features in reachview.

I have the same problem, i cant host the hotspot, send the ntrip data and use the survey tools from the same phone. Using a second phone works though


hello . how can i share my basse station with rtk2go and what i need .

Hi @whitfordm,

Have you tried to follow the guide I shared above?

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Hi @srv.islamabdallah,

Check this comment, it should help:

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