ReachView v2.5.2 - Bluetooth Input

Last week a new update was pushed to all Reach and Reach RS users. I was out on a break, but the team was eager to roll the new features out. Now I’m back and here is a small post on the changes.

Until now, bluetooth could only be used for outputting solution, useful with apps like Bluetooth GPS.
This app update adds a highly requested feature - using Bluetooth as data input.


  • Bluetooth correction input. Most notably, compatible with the Lefebure NTRIP client. Instead of connecting Reach to the Internet directly, you can use your phone to pass NTRIP corrections via Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth correction output, found in the base mode tab.


  • For obvious reasons, you can’t set both position output and base correction output to bluetooth at the same time. The app will warn you about this
  • This release does not fix the “Starting collection bug” introduced in the point collection update and reported by multiple users on this forum. Currently working on this, you should expect a fix by the end of the week

Bug fixes

  • We’ve permanently disabled wi-fi power management on the device, as it did not function properly. It may have resulted in the app loading slowly and generally bad responsiveness. Should be fixed now!

More updates are coming, stay tuned!

Best regards,
Emlid team


v2.5.1 is released. It fixes the “Starting collection” freeze in the Survey tab, which occurred when the update rate was set to 1 Hz. Also fixes a couple of frontend animations not working properly.


v2.5.2 update is released. Fixes the ERB protocol GPS tow units - seconds, rather than ms.


Please add Restart and Shut down functions without press and hold the power button on the RS. This will be very useful when we need to save different log files for different survey sessions because we don’t have to touch the tripod of the Base.


Wouldnt turning logging on/off do same trick? save different log

Thanks. That worked well. In the field, when we could not get Fix, we tried to Restart it several times and it worked. Not sure if this was only accidental or not. However, I still think having software tool to shut it down or restart it would help save the chance to break the power button on Reach (don’t know if this would take of lots of work for software developer or not).

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