Is it possible to use Bluetooth for the "Correction Input" and "Position Output" at the same time?

According to the Reach documents

Reach has support for BT to output the NMEA strings via Serial, TCP or BT. It also has support to receive corrections via Serial, NTRIP, TCP and BT.

I would like to use BT for both Correction Input and Position Output at the same time.

Can someone help me understand if it is possible to use Reach Bluetooth for both receiving corrections from a NTRIP Client that is running on my phone and to also Output NMEA data to the phone at the same time?

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Some forum searching will provide you an answer.

I say that because I think this was asked before and the answer was no. It will do only one job at a time.

See if you can find it and let us know if I was right or wrong!

Np @bide , i found it :wink:


Hey, Thank you for assisting me with this.

Its a shame that I can not use BT in both directions for two things but I will deal with it.

I am going to close this as resolved.


This is definitely possible!

Our integrations with SurvCE, FieldGenius, Lefebure etc. work exactly this way.


I correct my self and provide link to input and output with bluetooth at the same time. I see my previous link isnt actually answering the right question. Sorry about that

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