ReachView v2.22.7 is out for all devices

Improvements in 2.22.1 I personally did not notice. Also, with a clear sky, it falls on a floating solution and wait, wait, not knowing what.

Hi Aleksandr,

Would be great if you could share raw data so we can check why you’re having issues with getting a stable fix.

same for me

Just followed up on your report via PM

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Hey there,

The v2.22.3 update is out!

You can see the updated changelog with fixes provided in this release in the first message of the thread.

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When will the firmware include the option to roll back to a previous version, are you still “working” on access to the IMU data, this seems to have been “in the works” for about 2 years now, will it ever be the case that we will have access to the IMU. Is the battery indication issue on the RS2 still being “worked” on?

How do you plan to use IMU? You can already get access to IMU data via ssh.

Re. roll-back functionality, is there a particular reason why you’d like to currently use a previous firmware?

This functionality is on our roadmap, but it’s not of a first priority and it will take a while to implement it.

I totally understand that you test all stable releases vigorously but there are always some outliers that cannot be tested for. In those cases you have left folks high and dry without the ability to roll firmware back to a previous state that worked for them. There may also be issues in stable firmware that you had not found that will pretty much ground the units until you release a fix. Seems quite silly as this could alleviate some issues but emlid seems quite reluctant to listen or care.

I was lead to believe that SSH root access has been taken away after a recent firmware upgrade?

Dmitriy and yourself are both correct:

  1. Yes you can get access IMU data via SSH.
  2. Yes root access is not longer available.

To get access to IMU data, you need to SSH in as a regular user, not as root.

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Sorry, but the link of “stable version” 2.22.3 is this?


Thank you

Hi Sergio,

This is the link to the Reach RS stable image. May I ask you to clarify why you want to reflash the Reach RS device?

Hi Tatiana,

I have an RS2 with 2.22.2 firmware I wanted to go to 2.22.3 to see if the management of the NTRIP channels is more stable.

Why on the link

is there only version 2.22.2 ?

Hi Sergio,

We’ve just updated the links to the latest v2.22.3 stable image.

However, you don’t need to reflash the receiver to update it. You can just connect Reach to the Internet and follow the instructions from here.

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Can someone explain what this means?

The radio can broadcast on one of many frequencies. In many countries, only a portion of those available frequencies are allowed to be used without obtaining a license. So, depending on your geographical location, the useable range of frequencies will be different.

e.g. some countries are more permissive at the 868Mhz end of the range and some are more permissive at the 915Mhz end of the range.

Here is an old post about it from a couple of years ago:
How do I change lora frequency? - SOLVED


I propose to redraft the tab ‘Base mode’. If the receiver is not the base, i.e. ‘OFF’, it should not be in this tab active ‘Base coordinates’ and ‘RTCM messages’.

This tab ‘Base mode’ should then be empty.


Hi Ryszard,

Thanks for the valuable suggestion! It will be discussed.

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