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ReachView v2.17.6 dev release

(Erro Alfaro88) #63


Yesterday morning I used my rs antennas with the dev version 2.17.5., I noticed that the age of the differential goes up a lot, up to 84 sec. and then drops to 0.4 sec- 1.7 sec. being that I was using Ntrip.
I still maintained the fix and could work with them simulating the position on an Android phone (lefebure app and mobile topographer). The Bluetooth connection worked without problems.

In the afternoon, update to version 2.17.6.

Today in the morning when turning on the base antenna, the green LED did not light so it could not reach reachview. I had to turn it on several times until the green led turned on and I was able to access it.
My rover antenna turned on when I started the first attempt but after an hour I noticed that the green LED went off and I lost the connection, the antenna stayed connected to the wifi point of my phone but the reachview app could not find it. After two ignitions it turned on the green led and I was able to enter the reachview.
Also in this version 2.17.6 the Bluetooth fails again, the day before it worked without problems but today I used it could not keep the connection.
The age of differential also goes up a lot and then normalizes, although it always keeps the fix.

(Max) #65

Hi, I try update ReachView from stable 2.16.2 to version 2.17.6. Update process comlete is successfully (version 2.17.6 loaded and installed), but after reboot (and next reboots) device version still 2.16.2. Maybe exist file with development version for reflashing update?

(Andrew Yushkevich) #66

Can you try to re-subscribe on dev updates and check if you’ve any available?

(Michael Lambert) #67

Trying to update and it appears to be stuck installing? I have already disconnected and rebooted.

EDIT - after rebooting a second time it says that it’s already updated so it was actually just stuck on the screen.

(Michael Lambert) #68

Another reboot and can no longer connect via WiFi on M+. Both the iOS app and a PC browser go to black screens, but will never boot to ReachView. First M+ was successful.

(Max) #69

After unsubscribe shows that 2.16.2 is latest version, other versions not available.

(Michael Lambert) #70

Don’t lose faith. After multiple reboots, connections to my Wi-Fi network and bouncing between my iPad and PC I finally got my 2x RS+ and 2x M+ updated… 4 hours later.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #71

Can you share a screenshot of your settings window?

Also, please, go to :5000 port (your-reach-ip-here:5000) with the web-browser and check if you see any updates.

(Max) #72

(Max) #73

Big tranks! Problem is resolved, new version 2.18 installed successfully.