ReachView v2.16.2 - Point stakeout

Actually, that happened on 2 RS+ units. I just upgraded an RS and the hostname stayed, so it seems to affect the + units only.

UTM that would be awsome


I agree with bide I did 2 of the reach originals and the hostname remains unchanged

Would seem so. I only have RS+ units, have been affected on each update.

Egor, are there any features that are on the RS+ that are not on the original RS? I have the original RS units.


Please send me point stackout video

over a month since last release. expecting some good new features to be tested :wink:

Wishing a video is probably a mistake. My participation in this thread (# 29) was to show that in the RINEX application log does not show ‘even flag’ which does not allow professional postprocessing. In this situation, it is better not to suggest the registration of ‘float’ solutions in the application. ‘Event flag’ is the RINEX standard (see TABLE A2 ver.2.11). “Start moving antenna” is event flag 2. MARKER NAME is starting a new site with flag 3.
I showed it on the example of the correct RINEX.

Hi @grakeshgiri,

Have you seen the stakeout tutorial in our docs? It can be helpful.

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v2.16.2 is out, details in the original post!


Thank you! :sunny:


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Yes, Android is currently not working for many of us. My iOS is working great and laptop to the receiver’s hotspot is preferred for transfers.


I am on v2.16.2 and I can connect to (2) Reach RS (Edison based chip) via ReachView app on a Note 8 via hotspot or ip address. No matter what android device in the past and now though, it definitely takes a few tries though, but eventually connects via hotspot.

It definitely connects usually first try via Chrome browser though, or not mention most other browsers also such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer.

The ReachView app connection has always been iffy.

I’m with the same problem

Can you clarify, what kind of issue do you have, @Alisson_Guedes_de_Sa?

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