Can't connect to ReachView app

Loving the new update, as well as the stakeout functionality!

Has anyone else been experiencing difficulty connecting through the ReachView app for Android or iOS? No one in my team has been able to connect to our Reach units in the app when connected over Reach hotspot since the update. We can still connect via web browser to the local address (, so it’s not a major issue, but wanted to point this out.


Hi @Lauren_O,

As I can confirm app issues on some Android models, we’ve never faced any on iOS devices.
So, it seems like an interesting case.

Can I ask you to clarify your connection steps, please?

Hi @andrew.yushkevich,

Thanks for following up with me on this issue!

We follow standard connection steps for the Reach units in a field setting -

  1. Start Reach outside connection range of known Wi-Fi network
  2. Allow Reach to establish hotspot (monitor LED status)
  3. Connect to Reach hotspot using mobile Android device (this step works just fine)
  4. Open the ReachView app for Android
  5. Hit the “refresh” button until the ReachView app recognizes the Reach unit (this step has not been working recently - in the past we’ve been able to connect to the Reach unit through the ReachView app after hitting the “refresh” button 2-3 times, but lately it has failed to show the Reach connectivity after multiple “refresh” attempts)
  6. Select the Reach unit once it has appeared in the ReachView app

Since we’ve been having difficulty connecting to the Reach unit through the ReachView app, we’ve just been connecting to the Reach through a web browser on whatever operating device we are using. That’s been working just fine.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional, clarifying information.

I hope you’re well!

~ @Lauren_O

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aI had a similar problem with my iPhone 4 and with two Samsung Galaxy S5 devices. But it was not restricted to the app. With the S5 devices it was gone after updating Android.

With my iPhone 4 I had to restart Reach several times.
With the not updated S5 nothing did help, not several different browsers, not clearing the cache and not the incognito modus.

I think that there is a problem with old browsers.

Hi @Lauren_O,

Thanks for the review.
Regarding Android, there’s an issue in some versions of OS.
Also, it can occur on some Android devices and disappear on other models.

As I mentioned in the previous message, we’ve never faced any issues with scanning on iOS devices.
Can you describe your steps for the iOS device, please?

Hi @andrew.yushkevich,

Thanks for the notice on the proposed fix to the Android version!

On reflection, I don’t think we’ve encountered this issue with an iOS device, but I’ll be sure to follow up if this does become an issue with our iOS users.

Thank you!

~ @Lauren_O

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