ReachView v2.11.0 can't start without sky view / connected antenna

I’m facing this problem with all Reach that I worked.

I instaled a Reach in a uav… everything is ok in the field

When I return to the office to download the logs, Reach connects to the wifi router, everything occurs like expected, but the ReachView don’t starts.

I’m in a closed room in a building with several levels. When I move the uav to a window with a minimal sky view, and after some seconds, it’s possible to navigate in ReachView with my internet browser (Chrome, Firefox).

Other services appears ok, like SSH.

After some minutes waiting, ReachView start to work and it’s possible to download the logs… but after 3…4 minutes of waiting.

I noticed this same behavior when the antenna is unconnected.

I’m using ReachView v2.11.0.


This question has been asked before. Reach needs an accurate time signal before starting ReachView. Your choices are:

  1. Get a satellite signal by moving close to a window (like you said already).
  2. Configure Reach to connect to a WiFi network that has an NTP server that Reach can get time from.
  3. Use SSH to get the log files.
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