ReachView v0.4.9 update

Hi, everyone!

Thanks to your reports, we found that our last update had some problems. We are working on fixing them.

This new version, 0.4.9, fixes two problems:

  • Wrong position in ERB solution output, introduced with version 0.4.7
  • Base and Rover modes occasionally not being stopped properly

The second issue was mentioned by @Johannes_Eberenz, I hope this will be the end of it.

We are working on improvements for RTKLIB code, powering Reach. Our last announced update moved all our additions to the latest RTKLIB beta, which provides much better processing results. However, bleeding edge improvements come at a price: sometimes you can encounter problems, like not getting fix and alike.

Feel free to write about your problems here, don’t forget to include your logs, so we can see what it’s all about.

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@emlid @egor.fedorov thanks for the update great job. One question. Would the ERB fault have anything to do with telemetry radio / GPS inject? Sorry I’m new to all of this.



Thanks @egor.fedorov. I updated to 0.4.9 and everything seems to work much smoother now. Today I was able to obtain fix 3 times out of 4 trials. (once very fast, twice took a little bit longer.

I am connecting the base and rover through 3DR 433MHz telemetry and GPS inject through mission planner. I was experience issues the last days in this configuration because the corrections seemed to not arrive at the Reach module all the time (sudden drops of gray bars and then they returned). It worked okay through wifi, although fix was not easily achieved with any of the two options.

It seems that this is not happening anymore or at least not that often. Thanks for the efforts to solve the issues and bugs and the constant updates. We have a lot invested in this technology and are glad to see that it is moving forward (I think I share this thought with many people from what I read in the forum).


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Yeah, one of the things we fixed was corrupt position in the ERB messages. Should be better now!

Thanks for the kind words! The problem you described still seems to be connected to the radio settings. But we did fix a bug in ERB output.

Okay thank you @egor.fedorov the fix has improved it but unfortunately any version of radio I use drops out 3DR, 3DR clone etc. It seems to me that the bps is too low. Unfortunately as I can not get a reliable solution I’m now going to have to abandon the reach system and move on. In total 60 man days have been spent on this designing and integration only to have it fail on reliability and repeatability. Obviously disappointing as we now have a hole to fill for a large supply contract.

Personally I can only think that the “3DR” style radios are not up to the job. As when the Internet is used only the units perforce as they should. The only other option is to get hold of RFD but no one sells the 895? Version or even the 900 one for that matter in the uk.

So just to finish off. 433 telemetry radios are set with RawData and ECC off. Unless you have some special firmware for the 433 tucked up your sleeve or you find another bug in reach within the next day or two reach will be shelved.

All the best


Andrew Crinson
Managing Director & Founder.
Multirotorcraft Ltd

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Hi, i just updated this evening. But till now i couldn’t get fix yet, even though before update (0.4.7) i could get fix after a minute. Would you help me to solve this problem?
On 0.4.7 i use rfd900 and get fix after 1 ot 2 minutes. Just now i this evening aftet updated i couldn’t get fix with rfd900, and just now i used wifi, still couldn’t get fix.

Yes @egor.fedorov, found that some days it works perfectly and other days the gray bars appear and dissappear constantly (without changing configuration). I don’t know what I should change in the configuration, since I am using the configuration mentioned in the documentation. We have 3DR 433 MHz radios. I also believe it is a matter of the radio link as it is being discussed in other threads. Everything seems to work better when using corrections over wifi (although that is not valid for our drone applications).
@Multirotorcraft, I am sorry to hear about your position. We are also pressured to get this working, I hope that with all our feedback we can end up solving this.
Does anyone have some ideas on this?


Today I had success testing Reach with v0.4.9. Before I was not so lucky and never got a good fix.
I will try to identify, why I was not successful before.
At the moment I have these points in mind which potentially disturbed my successful fix:

  • Interferences from a power bank
  • Using a M8N as base station
  • Perhaps a defective antenna TW2710

@MichaelEFlip nr. 2. How do you get RAW data from the M8N?

You can activate RAW messages TRK-MEAS and TRK-SFRBX using the following start-up commands:

This will only succeed with firmware 2.01 for M8N, in 3.01 this “feature” was closed.

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Nice, found it here:[0]=property_file_product_filter%3A2688

and u-center:

I also managed to flash the receiver, the necessary FIS-File was in the u-center programm directory.

@MichaelEFlip Fantastic, thank you very much!

BTW: I used the following commands (did not get any output with the others):
!UBX CFG-GNSS 0 32 32 1 0 10 32 0 1
!UBX CFG-GNSS 0 32 32 1 6 8 16 0 1
!UBX CFG-MSG 3 15 0 1 0 1 0 0
!UBX CFG-MSG 3 16 0 1 0 1 0 0
!UBX CFG-MSG 1 32 0 1 0 1 0 0

What is the difference?

@tobias-dahms did you notice if the u-centre had the firmware for the M8T as fitted to the reach unit?

@Multirotorcraft no, I downloaded the firmware at the website and there is no special firmware for the M8T and the latest firmware is from January.

Hy Igor

I’m not able to get fix in static mode using ntrip connection instead if I set kinematic (with the same ntrip parameters) I get fix

can you help me ?