ReachView Entering a name that contains a decimal point during a survey

When using ReachView Is there a way of entering a decimal point or other characters in the a name field during a survey, or is there a free text field or likely to be one added at some point, or does anybody have a simple remedy / option that I can utilise for the purpose of adding attributes to a survey point?

Thanks in advance :ok_hand:

I can’t answer the first question, however, you could make a search&replace character or phrase when doing the survey, and “process” that when coming back. Workaround, with some extra work, but it would work.

Hi @hindmarshbd,

At the moment, you can’t add decimal points or other special characters in the Name field of a project or a point. However, you can add them in the “Comment” field of the project.

We’re planning to add different attributes to the ReachView App in the future. I’ll keep you posted :wink:

Thanks @wizprod but I’m trying to avoid as many keystroke errors as possible which I why I wanted to avoid lookup / replace and other rules during processing.

Looking forward to it thanks @polina.buriak

The features of point collection of the new ReachView 3 beta app can be checked in this thread: