ReachView DXF import

Will it be possible for the ReachView app to import DXF files in future updates?

I am currently using SurPad app as this can use DXF files, however the compatibility is not ideal with my RS2.

Hello Karlsen,

Which issue do you found for compatibility SurPad with RS2.
Which version of SurPad do you use?

Hi @bjoekar,

I can hardly provide you with an ETA, but we have plans on adding other import/export formats to ReachView 3, including DXF.

In the meantime, could you elaborate on the compatibility issues you face with SurPad?

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I’m here in this thread to update you that now you can import and export DXF and SHP files with ReachView 3 app. We also added many other useful features!

Don’t hesitate to create a new topic if you have any questions or requests about ReachView 3 :grinning:

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