SurPad connection issues

hi, i am using Surpad v.4 with Reach RS+ and a issue that i found is imposibility to set base station, and after that i scroll all aplication, the surpad and reach are disconnected. sorry for my english.

and surpad is not showing baseline distance.

To achieve centimeter accuracy using SurPad you have two methods the first you must use the NTRIP option to receive the corrections through a permanent GNSS base (CORS), this base could be another RS ​​+ receiver that you connect with Emlid Caster or RTK2GO.

The second method consists of using two RS+ receivers one as a base a second as a rover where the base sends the corrections through the three options (LoRa, TCP/IP or NTRIP) then set position output to NMEA with Bluetooth to stream position data to smartphones or any data collectors but you make sure to pair your device in Bluetooth settings.

Note that with SurPad you can use the TCP/IP connection to stream position data without going through Bluetooth.

Hi @nadirgeomd,

Did I get correctly that you tried to configure a connection to an NTRIP caster?

We usually suggest using the Lefebure app to integrate Reach with 3rd-party software. We have a guide in our docs about it. Could you clarify whether you used this app?

We use NMEA to output position from Reach to 3rd-party devices and software. However, the NMEA protocol doesn’t contain messages that allow sending the base position. That’s why 3rd-party software doesn’t show base position and baseline.

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