Reachview App Uses Pole Height, Rover uses Antenna Height

I’m assuming this is probably just a mixup of labeling. At some point in the past as I understand it, the Reachview App went from specifying an Antenna Height to a Pole Height so you don’t have to add 65mm to the pole height. However when you look at the survey results bringing up Reachview on the Rover via web browser it shows the number enter as pole height in the app as “Antenna Height” and this is the latest Reachview 2.22.5 just updated a couple days ago.

Is this just a labeling error?

Also, I don’t see a setting in Reach view to specify if you are using the 1/4" to 5/8" brass adapter. That is another 22mm so when entering “Pole Height” into the Reachview App, do you still need to add 22mm if you are using the adapter?


Contact David Hess through his personal mail listed. He just did a test using RTN here in this thread. I’m sure he could help you on the antenna heights. Although I haven’t used the app, I’ve looked it over and it is kinda confusing to me also

Hi @Jazee,

The height in the description of the point contains the real antenna height (pole height + antenna offset). This is so because for post-processing you need to know the real antenna’s height and not the pole’s height, which is irrelevant.

If you are working with a Reach RS2 and using a thread adapter, you need to add its height to the pole’s height in the ReachView to get correct values.

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