Reach WIFI Config

Hy All

sorry for the new topic but I want to know if it is possible to post a short tutorial about the wifi config

I try to explain my problem

I config in the correct way my reach with the network of my samsung smartphone and using Internet connection of my mobile phone everything works perfectly (get rtk fix using NTRIP correction from GNSS network of University )

Now I would like to connect using usb cable my device to my desktop at home and config the unit with my home wifi network (my idea is to create a base station with the antenna on top of my roof) but … I’m not able to do this

Anyone can help me ?

thx in advance


Does your reach have access to wifi on the roof?

Sorry… bad explanation

the antenna is on the roof (I have extended cable) the device is next to the desktop and the router


Well, if you just connect reach to wifi then this is the closest to a guid i got DIY portable hotspot & HOWTO send correction through free ntrip to LTE hotspot
Its beta 2.1.6, but should work with 0.4.9


thx now I’m able to connect the reach to my home wifi network

… everything seems to be ok but …

I’m not able to receive the correction … and now I really don’t know if I have to do something on my router

…the baseline is very long (approx 80 km) but with the connection of my mobile I was able to reach float solution



You wanna check with your ntrip service,if they output error code when service is down or if error is given when VRS is not able to be created at this point or place.

I do not use NTRIP, but for what it is worth, I would say that if you are receiving the correction behind the router, no change is necessary to your router. If you were casting NTRIP from home and receiving somewhere out on the internet, then yes, you would need to open a port on your router for that.

Hy guys

yes I suppose that the problem is the port on my router but I DON,T HAVE ABSOLUTELY ANY IDEA how can solve the problem


thx anyway


Your setup looks fine and configuration should not be any different.

I suggest trying to configure RTKNAVI to receive data from this NTRIP caster. Also, checking the username and password again could help.


solve the problem …
The solution VRS is not albe to fix instead if I select the Nearest NRT I didn’t receive error message (also if the solution is still single but maybe tihis is related to the lenght of the basline)



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80km is a bit far yes. 10km is ok and sometimes longer if used with static.


yes I know that the distance is too big but it was just a test




just I little update

After little caal with the provider of RTK correction I discovered that the software that manage the station (Spidernet by Leica Geosystem) has a setting to limit the distance to receive the ntrip correction at 100km from bases station I asked to change the limit to 150 km and voilà I was able to fix
I know that this situation isn’t “real” but it is just a test form my reach and the result I think it very interesting (maybe we can built a GNNS network lowcost…)



PS In the next post I’ll show you the result of post processing position vs RTK