Reach View or Other Surveying Software

I am trying to find more information on Reach View or some field software that will collect data and stake out points, lines and arcs? Does Reach View have COGO functions built into it? I would like to use this with the Emlid Reach.

Reachview dont have cogo, you need to use a tool for that.
Have you read this thread Using Reach for landsurvey and more
I have done some testing with great success

I too am on the hunt for a good field surveying solution for my reach. Here are my requirements:

Android based
Point collect, line collect
Grid layout
Guidance/lightbar navigation

I’ve done lots of hunting. Nearly all of the solutions are particular to the manufacturer’s receivers. Carlson, who sells the popular SurvCE (Windows CE based), doesn’t have an Android solution. SurvCE would be a candidate if it were not for the OS difference. It’s compatible with NMEA.

The candidates currently are:
Mobile Topographer by Applicality
PowerGPS by SkyRaster
SuperSurv by Supergeo
NTRIP Client Premium edition by Lefebure
AgriBus-NAVI by Agri Info Design
ArcGIS Collector by ESRI

None meet my requirements fully and each has pros and cons Let me know if you find any others. I think with the advent of these lower cost RTK systems, there’s a growing market need.

Hi, have you tried autocad360?

I have not. I’ll look into it.

On a general not about autocad360, my experiance is this:
-If file is not geolocated properly and you need to set a point on drawing as “set location”, you also need to be aware of north direction and ppm deviation.

In my case i use UTM32 and placing a sitemap, i would set north direction +3 degress and adjust a scaling factor of UTM 0,9996. If not scaled, ppm would deviate 4cm for every 100m from your “set location” point.

Link to utm scaling and direction explanation -

I also have a update for Mobil topographer.
I quote this from a contact that is developing this tool

First of all thank you for your interest regarding Mobile Topographer, and you nice sayings.
Let me answer your questions an suggestions, one by one:

  1. Import function: MT can import either .txt, .csv, or shape files (.shp, shx, dbf). .dwg, or .dxf files are not yet supported due to the variety of different versions and specifications existing. But it is our intentions to add .dxf import support, in a future version.
  2. Problems, importing points: can youplease send us a .csv file that you’ve tried and failed. I can have a look and tell you if something is wrong with it, or the right parameters and settings to import it.
  3. Showing existing points while measuring: This would be very helpfull, and it is already a selectable feature of the new oncoming major update of Mobile Topographer, which will be released during the next few months.
  4. “Measure from one point to another or measure anything on the go on the map”. It is already possible to measure the distance and the azimuth between to points in the list. You can see this values for each consecutive pair of points in the list of points. Again real time, on the go distance and bearing on the map, has been also added to the upcoming major update of Mobile Topographer, together with many tools like “offset” etc.
  5. “a function that only shows the map you are surveying on abd the choosen coordinat system” I really don;t understand what you are describing. Can you be more specific?
  6. Prompting you with the same file name would be very easy to implement, but I’m afraid that it would lead users to accidental overwrites. I’m not sure about that, and I’ll try to figure out a safe way of doing so.

User suggestions are extremely valuable for us, so feel free to contact us again with even more suggestions.
The upcoming version of Mobile Topographer is willing to become to one and only surveying tool in need for the field. You will be surprised with the evolution, of MT, which has become from a simple utility, to a complete software solution.

Hi @TB_RTK, i try conect AutoCAD 360 on Android with reach. I connect reach to Android with NTRIP application, tcp connection. Then i open AutoCAD 360, then open gps menu. My Android gps in not active. But the AutoCAD 360 couldn’t connect to reach. Would you kind explain how the right procedure, please.

Does your android work with other software like topographer?
Also check you are using latest firmaware on al devices. Enable mocklocation on your phone. You may also need to manually go in on your phone and selectwhat bluetooth device your are gonna use,its not always enough to enable bluetooth, specially if you have more then one bluetooth application.
I use both lefebure and bluetooth gps. I sometimes need to retry bluetooth connection.
When you have a succefully connected phone to bluetooth device, a logging stream with is displayed.
You phone must also have the onboard gps activated for autocad 360 to work

I have enabled mock location on Android, then i use NTRIP for receiving nmea from reach. When reach get fix, NTRIP will show blue notification. I use tcp for connecting from reach to NTRIP. Then i can access fix coordinate from topographer pro. So I don’t use Bluetooth for connection. When i use AutoCAD 360, I can’t get gps connection.

@savvy0816, @TB_RTK, @dicky

We are planning to add survey features to ReachView over next quarter. First focus will be at collecting point and points stake out. If you have any ideas, feature requests or general thoughts about survey functions please feel free to share them here.

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Thank you @igor.vereninov, that will be awesome application.
Firstly, there is job folder in separate job folder. Each time we observe, there is option new job or update existing job. In each job, there are option for new parcel.
–Job (theme of project) folder
----Project (location) folder
-------Parcel file. Ext:dxf
We do observation in file.
File dxf is consist of dropdown menu, point, area, or line. Then there is a button for point store for kinematic or static mode (duration for static mode can be set in setting option).

Secondly, the dxf file can be opened in ReachView, then we can stacking out the observed point with google map as a base map (option, if there is internet connection), measure the point length, area calculation.


Sorry, i didnt get that TCP part. I have not tried this type of connection yet.

Great :+1:. Before i start with what i would want (feature request), i would like to mention what every other application is missing or has some sort of difficulties getting the job done.
1.Move collection of points from survey tool to CAD software. I use Archicad and can import csv, txt, dxf, dwg, sosi, shp, gpx, kml and most of the popular formats.
2.Move collection of points from CAD to survey tool using the type of formats as above.

The above two issues i have to say is the hardest obstacle to overcome today. At some point during this task i have to do some sort of transformation, upload via third party software. Or some sort of error would occure during import/export.
Problem starts when you have a lot of points to work with. With only a few point it is no problem manually write/read or hardcopy from one place to another.

Now, to relate this to RTKLIB, RTKPLOT has som of the basic layout i like. But i am not sure if you are gonna implement a “map or grid” view function to Reachview or just a simple save/load button with no 2D graphic?
Anyways, with RTKPLOT
1.a simple gridview with “infinity” zoom, and zoom to current position.
2.import/export function of point as a file in some sort of working format.I would prefer a CAD format, but gpx,csv, txt is ok.
3.display imported point on grid. And also line between point
4.simple tools like, measure from A to B on grid. Place/move/new or existing points on grid and display info about point when highlighted. An offset function
5.display current singel/float or fix status without open/closing other windows/application
6.selectable coordinate system to work within. UTM, lat/long in decimal og degrees etc

I probably have left out something, but this should cover the basic operation i face in daily tasks

Next i would like to try Bluetooth connection, and see whether the AutoCAD 360 can work with reach coordinate or not. Thank you @TB_RTK.

Continuing my first posting above.
And the most important I think, store point button is the a button to store statistical computation of fix solution. Store point has two functions, first click is collecting points (many points), then next click is statistical calculation points (one point).
The caption of point add in a field text before store points.
So, if I describe these features, there are two tabs menu.
First tab is view field. Consists of layout, measure menu (length, area caculation, etc), single click select one object (point, line, polygon), describe button for describing selected object, add text, etc.

Second tab is collecting menu. There are two Options of observation, point observation or area observation. Point observation produce point with caption. Area observation produce area with caption in the middle.
Thank you emlid team.

My feature list.

I see that mobile topographer has a new product. They call it mobile topographer GIS. It looks like they added mapping/drawing and other functions to their existing product.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since the last post was published :blush: But I want to share that we have our own free mobile app ReachView 3, which supports multiple features mentioned above. You can try and share your thoughts in the new topic!

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