Reach UAV RTK kit for topographical survey

Hi everyone, i have a question

it is possible to have a good accuracy for topographic survey with this configuration?
Reach UAV RTK kit-


What is your more specific need?

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i have to do a topographic survey in the italian city

Personally I don’t think the RTK is necessary. I guess it depends on how confident you are that it will maintain a fix and the area and terrain that you are in. There’s a few P4RTK’s in our area and they all have had several flights ruined because of a lost fix at further distances.

I might be mistaken, but I think with Emlid you can still log while running the RTK so you can PPK if needed.

Plenty good accuracy!


i will use it for a ground survey and not a uav survey…

m+ like a rover and rs+ like a base

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If you going to survey in a city, I would highly suggest you look into the RS2 for both base and rover.
M+ and RS+ are L1 only, and while they perform excellent and stable in rural areas, nearby buildings aren’t their best friends.

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Gotcha, thanks for clarifying. Yes, you want RTK then.

Or you buy two M+ and an UAV and you go for an aerial survey instead :wink:

When will you start your survey?

no i have to do a terrestrial survey…


If you can budget the extra money, I would wait for the RS2. It will perform much more consistently. Complications from multi-path and ionosphere interference will be greatly reduced. At the end of the day you will be on par with receivers that are $6k+ for the set.

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