REACH testing in the U.S. = Great Results!

Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.


Dear Ian, I’ve looked at your shop, even I can make my own cables and adaptors, yours look professional and the price is right, I will buy some from you.
Can you sell the Reach kit too or do you know who is selling in the USA?
Thank you


Here is the store in the US that is selling the units.

Hope this helps.


Thank you

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Sorry for the slow response. We do not currently resell Reach Kits. We are working on a step by step process on setup and field data collection. Below is a link to what we currently have complete and hope to finish the steps soon. If you have any questions please feel free to message us.
Reach processing for PPK on a UAV


I have ordered RTK Kit and Tuffwing cable from alliantUAV.
In the meantime I will study how it works, I’m curios if I can sync the Canon S110 too wich has no hotshoe but has a led that flashes every picture, I will check in the chdk forums.

Thank you for the step by step process, I really need to share experience with US VANT owners because you can work on very large areas as I do here in Brazil.


Great work and many thanks to share it !
This is so valuable info that it definitely should go inside Reach Wiki.

Just one question : where do you find your BaseCorrection.conf and RoverCorrection.conf ?

We still need to go back and finish filling in the missing information. I am currently out of town for Thanksgiving but will work in it when I get back. We will be adding a few files so people will be able to run through a tutorial on their own to ensure everything is working properly. Sorry for the slow response.


I have the Reach kit and the Tuffwing cable for Sony.
Tim from AlliantUAV was very nice following my order, for sure I will buy again from him.
Brian (=Ian?) from Tuffwing was very nice too for sharing some tips on how to make the Canon IR cable I forgot to buy and I am going to follow his great tutorial.
Thank you.
I hope to have the system working before Christmas :slight_smile:

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I am following your tutorial, is great, thank you very much, but sorry to point you to this that may cause some problems:

  1. Provide power to the Reach Module via a 5 volt source and the Micro-USB port on the Reach itself.

The Emlid wiki says:


Do not plug two power supplies at the same time as it may damage the device.

Thanks for the heads up. It is just bad wording on my part. I meant to say something along the lines as: Plug in the USB port into a 5 volt power supply and on the same cable, plug the micro-usb port into the Reach.

So you take the cable like a phone charging cable and plug one end into you pc (USB end) and the other end into the Reach (micro-usb end).

Please let me know if you run into any other problems. We are slowing adding in all of the files to do a test along with the tutorial.


Hi everyone, i’d like to know If reach could be use in Italy? Thanks


I have updated Base and Rover, now the precious Tuffwing tutorial became outdated, what’s the correct setup for UAV and Base with post processing?
Thank you


Everything you need is here.

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Thank you my friend, I am looking how to configure the Reach for PPK processing, I saw another post about using 14Hz for UAV GPS and disable GPS AR but there are other options I don’t see in the Tuffwing old tutorial, then I have to configure the Base GPS, the docs are nice but there is no tips on what is better for UAV or Base

The default settings after the FW update to v2.5.3 are sufficient for Base and UAV/Rover.

The UAV/Rover settings;
RTK Settings

Base Mode setting on the Rover

The Base settings;
RTK Settings

Base mode settings on Base

Getting ready to fly this config now.

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Thank you, there´s no improvement using a fastest update rate? A friend says that uBlox begins to be imprecise after 10hz

p.s. at10hz I can’t select GLONASS

I was told GPS only at 14hz on the rover unit, Positioning mode = Static , Glonass AR mode = off

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The Reach has a 3 axis accelerometer, can it logs the rotation of the drone along every picture taken? What’s the correct orientation of the module?
Thank you