Reach RX Standalone mode

I’ve been pitching to my company to buy 5 of the RX units, however I want to know for sites with no cell reception, does the standalone mode get down to submeter?
Sometime we get sent to remote sites without cellular data and NTRIP would deemed useless, I was wondering even without Ntrip, could I get down to sub meter and if so how? does it uses SBAS?

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They are just an RTN/NTRIP receiver- no availability for logging raw data.

I would either buy the M2 or RS+. The M2 will need an antenna and a portable power bank. I have two M2’s that I use as a static baseline for my rover, that way I have a closed loop for each point to PP.

The RS+ is a great receiver, I have the old RS2.

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Oh dang,
It would not be a good option if it is Ntrip Dependent. Thank you for suggestion, I hadn’t thought of just using the M2 and an Antenna setup. Saved my company a couple $$$ lol

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I’m sure others will suggest either one, stick with dual frequency receivers.


I believe emlid will make emlid flow app on smartphone to enable RX Logging Raw data via bluetooth to phone internal storage, like other app did

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I’m sure it could be possible, but that will be an extra cost.

Dont get your hopes up. I dont think it is physically possible with the way the RX is designed, nor have Emlid ever communicated such intent.



What is the application?

Reach RX works with SBAS and is more advanced than any sub meter receiver on the market. So if you are choosing between Reach RX and something that is advertised as sub meter, choose Reach RX. If reliable centimeter accuracy without NTRIP is required, go for the PPK option with RS2 or M2 depending on the budget and environmental requirements.


I am an environmental scientist who drills boreholes looking for contamination. We just need a submeter GNSS receiver to give us a rough idea of where the boreholes are in relation to each other. As per the comments mentioned above, some of our sites are remote and therefore we won’t have cellular data to receive NTRIP corrections. It is nice to have NTRIP but not mandatory as long as the RX can work with SBAS. From the comments above, it appears that without NTRIP we would get a few meters of accuracy, which isn’t ideal. There isn’t much information on the RX.

That is why we need emlid flow with capability (subscription for sure ) to record raw data on android via bluetooth, so we can download ubx file from android and PPK the data with RS 2+, RS 2 or M2 Base receiver

Emlid can make NTRIP over Bluetooth, so maybe they can make RX send raw data via bluetooth to smartphone

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Reach RX accuracy with SBAS is 1m CEP.


Is the RX capable of utilizing SBAS for stand-alone correction?

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I emailed them. They said SBAS correction would only work with an internet service. It is pretty much useless as a standalone.

Hi Michael,

Julie is here. Thank you for reaching out.

Reach RX was designed to work as a network rover. So the only way for it to get the corrections is via NTRIP. It can be a correction stream from an NTRIP Service or your own base. It’ll allow you to work in RTK and achieve centimeter-accurate coordinates with the receiver.

Reach RX tracks signals from SBAS satellites. However, it uses them for RTK only, as it can’t read the corrections info from the signal itself. That’s why the accuracy of the receiver in standalone mode is several meters.

If you want to work with the receivers in areas with no cellular coverage, I recommend you take a look at Reach RS2+. They are also multi-band but support passing the corrections for RTK via radio as well. So it may be an option for you. Here you can find the comparison of Reach RX and Reach RS2+.

Feel free to ask me if you have any additional questions.

Julie S.
Application Engineer

Hi Tuan,

Sorry that I mislead you in my email. Reach RX indeed works with SBAS corrections, just as Igor said.

We have just recently finished all the tests to confirm it works flawlessly.

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I’m slightly confused. Are you saying the RX can receive sub meter accuracy using SBAS correction in standalone mode?

If so can we see the screenshots of such setup?

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Here’s a good read about SBAS:

SBAS_Worldwide_quick_facts (1).pdf (3.8 MB)

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Yes, it can. There is no need to configure anything, SBAS corrections are applied by default.


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