That issue:
seems to be still existent in current reach kernel. The device still not recognizes FTTI usb chips!
Dmesg lists that new device but there is no ftdi-kernel-module in the fs for the current kernel, only one for a non running alternative kernel.

Q1: How can I change the running kernel so it finds the fitting .ko file for the ftdi?
Q2: When will we have a new image for the edison to update which works by default with USB OTG for ftdi?
Q3: With FTDI USB plugged in into the a booting reach RTK module it does not start WiFi connectivity. Cannot check why because there is no more way to ssh to that device. Bug or feature?


  1. You can find a temporary fix here.
  2. Working on it.
  3. Seems wrong. Are you sure the devices are powered properly? What is going on with the Reach’s LED?