Reach RS3 Compatibility with UHF Radio Equipment from Various Brands


Dear Emlid Forum Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am interested in obtaining information regarding the compatibility scope of the Reach RS3 device, especially with Leica equipment utilizing UHF radio. Additionally, I would like to inquire if the Reach RS3 can connect with equipment from other brands besides Trimble. This information would be highly beneficial for us as it would enable us to plan our field operations more effectively.

I look forward to your valuable contributions and experiences.

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Estimada comunidad del foro de Emlid,

Espero que este mensaje les encuentre bien. Estoy interesado en obtener información acerca del alcance de compatibilidad del dispositivo Reach RS3, especialmente con equipos de la compañía Leica, mediante radio UHF. Además, me gustaría saber si el Reach RS3 puede conectarse con equipos de otras marcas, aparte de Trimble. Esta información sería de gran utilidad para nosotros, ya que nos permitiría planificar nuestras operaciones de campo de manera más efectiva.

Quedo a la espera de sus valiosas contribuciones y experiencias.

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Hi Kero,

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The UHF radio’s frequency band is 410.0 - 475.0 MHz, and it uses the protocol TRIMTALK450S. If your receiver supports those corrections and can work with the RTCM3.0 format, it should work. You can find our guide here.

Do you have any particular Leica or any other receiver you’re interested in?

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