REACH RS2 - Tough receivers

Just a quick testimony to how well-built these receivers are:
My base receiver was placed on a 2.4m GPS pole on the concrete roof of a building (via steadi-rest + tripod setup). We heard a slam and I immediately knew what it was. The receiver + tripod setup came crashing down, apparently from a very powerful gust of wind. Fortunately, the set up did not fall off the roof.
No cracks were visible in the receiver housing & the receiver continues to work flawlessly down to this day. The only noticeable damage was to the power button which seemed to have received the brunt of the impact.

2 days ago, the same receiver + tripod crashed down as a result of a grazing bull.
Receiver still working perfectly - no visible/cosmetic damage.


Okay, this is a thread for us to share dark secrets of how we’ve mistreated our RS2’s. I don’t want to tell how many times I’ve dropped them. I’ve often had the wind hit the pole and bi-pod hard while I’m putting in a stake and it’s gone crashing over. I’m not gentle with my tools and the RS2’s have never given me any trouble.
But still, don’t do it! It’s not a good idea!


I tend to take very gentle care with equipment.
We are still getting used to:
1/ other members of the crew setting up equipment
2/ leaving equipment unattended on a tripod


You’re not in Texas are you? Crazy wind today! No way I jinx myself on this thread…


Don’t leave equipment alone ! The only time I do is when I know the receiver will not be disturbed onsite or I’ve got the base in someone’s front yard (preferably in backyard) with their permission. A lot of times I use a magnetic mount on the truck and use that as a base receiver point. The client or person trying to steal will not even see it on the vehicle most of the time.

When doing this, just use “0” as your antenna height (base of ARP). It doesn’t matter about the instrument HI to the ground. It’s only a temporary mark.

Make sure you locate some permanent marks when using this method though ! It will be hard to re-reference your survey if you’re not truly referenced to a local system and you have no permanent located marks.


Bryan, great idea/method of mounting base on the truck temporarily with magnet. It definitely was windy in Texas yesterday, had to hang on bipod with both hands!
Maybe this idea from Gabriel_CGCGeomatics would work for someone.
RS2 - lightweight tripod suggestions



I haven’t had any issues with falls yet.
But, a collaborator once stumbled across a machete by mistake on RS2.
And look, he’s very tough.
He only made a small wound, where we had to fix it with a putty, as the supplier in Brazil does not have a replacement carcass available.


The experience I had with wind was in the early part of 2021.

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Oh, The Island! No doubt it’s windy there!

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By the way, if anyone wants a collar ring, feel free to ask. I can print them on demand and I have a 150m spool of orange dacron kite line on hand along with a few of the plastic cinch clips. I would only ask to cover my expenses and shipping. I have 16 circular vial levels coming very soon so it would be a complete kit minus the stakes and pole.

I’ve used this in high winds (check the photo for point LAGO, the gusts would make me have trouble standing up) and it works pretty well. I can’t quantify the stability, but the bubble stays put and it doesn’t slip over time. That particular point had accuracy issues compared to the others, but I only occupied for an hour.

I also now have pole clips for the M2 and other accessories like a battery pack.


Hi everyone,

Can’t decide if your stories scare me or make me proud about our Reach RS2 :sweat_smile: A bit of both, I guess. The machete one really hits home…

Reach RS2 is a tough guy for sure :mechanical_arm: Still, it’s never too much to take extra care of your mount, especially when you know it’s going to be harsh weather. Even if you think your RS2 can take it, I’d suggest avoiding tempting fate.

So check out the solutions users came up with or go with your own protection. Please just don’t allow your unit to fall from heights :see_no_evil:


Adrian sorry your equipment fell. Good to know there was no damage. I’ve left my RS+ on a roof/deck a few times but got back and it was still in place as mounted. We should collaborate some more on the use of Emlid.

George Skerritt


Hey George
Good to hear from you. How many receivers are you employing? How is it working out?

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to Adrian


I am using a pair of RS+. I initially had some challenges with my results when using the EPSG 2004 CRS. I later found some data from a survey report done for the Airport. Once I was able to set a custom CRS I used the Clarke 1880 ellipsoid data and set the shift in X,Y,Z I am getting results matching the local cadastral data. There are lots of areas with tree cover so I just have to choose carefully which surveys to employ the kit. Most surveys still have to rely on total stations.

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Sounds good.
Are there any noticeable disadvantages to using a single frequency receiver?

Performance-wise, yes.

  • you will need excellent sky view
  • longer time-to-fix
  • lower baselines

However, if your environment already can live up to those conditions, the performance versus price for the RS+ is more or less unbeatable.

Hi Andrian,

I’d agree with Christian on this one. In the end, everything depends on your environment.

Generally, for the single-band, it’s critical to survey in an open environment with a great sky view. Our short article in the docs shows the main differences between the multi-band and single-band receivers. You might want to give it a go :slight_smile:


Thanks Polina
I am familiar with the material. Hearing from a fellow practitioner in the field helps me to put a more realistic/ real world perspective on the matter.
I already own a pair of RS2s and I’m sure I made the right choice, however, if I am able to expand the fleet I want to know if the RS+ is a practical alternative for my environment.
Working frequently in some canopy, I believe at best they would serve as backup receivers.

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