Reach RS2 rover not acheiving fix with local base

I have just started using a local Reach RS2 base. When testing it with corrections over Lora with all the default settings I was not able to achieve a fix. I am able to get CORS NTRIP corrections on the rover and acheive fixed solution. I was expecting to acheive a fix easily with the local base as I was under the impression that using a local base was the gold standard.

One thing that is possibly problematic is that when I look at the rover, I only see around 11-14 satellites for the base, while the rover has 33+. So I wonder if the SNR and angle filtering is too heavy handed, or if I simply need better base placement to get more satellites with the default filters. The base placement was in an urban area and not optimal, and when I deploy it on site I should be able to place it better. I am just wondering if I should be prioritising base placement or adjusting the filtering settings to solve this issue.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated!

How many constellations have you enabled for the unit (RTK settings) and for transmisson (Correction Output) ?

It is crucial that the placement of the base is optimal, read, has a good skyview, and low/no interference from other sources. Otherwise you will not get a fix on your rover.

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Check how many satellites are shown as tracked for the base, but on the base itself.

Hi Kathy,

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As Christian pointed out, it’s most likely a placement issue. I’d suggest trying out a higher pole or placing the base in a more open area. Also, please check there are no power lines or other electronics nearby: they can cause RF interference.

The default SNR and elevation masks work well in most cases. But playing with settings can sometimes improve the situation. So don’t hesitate to try others if you feel it can help. I gave more details on how the masks work in this forum thread.

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Thanks all. I had all constellations enabled in RTK settings and Base Mode. I was able to place the base in a better position on site, but then had issues with LoRa due to difficult topography and blockage from vegetation. I have mobile coverage on site so will try using NTRIP Caster next time.


Hi Kathy,

I believe you’ll get a much better result next time with all these improvements! But if any further help is needed, we’re always here.

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