Reach RS2 LoRa range decreased significantly

Greetings to all, we have had the same problem for several months, the radio signal is lost around 100 meters, we have not been able to solve it, how can I return to version 27…

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Hi Sebastian,

We need to check raw data and base corrections logs first. Can you email us at so that we could investigate that?

Most likely, there is some interference. If my assumption is correct, we’ll see it in the logs.

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Hi Sebastian,

From my experience, returning to previous versions hardly helps. We haven’t made any changes in LoRa workflow for a long time. That’s why I think like that.

But logs will shed light on real reasons for such a small LoRa range. And probably, it can even be solved with the right settings. If not, I’ll explain why it works that way, at least.

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Well on 27 I was fine upgraded to 28 no good switched back 27 and good again. There has been many reports about this issue and many logs sent to you by different individuals and dealers in the last 6 months. Do you collaborate with other emlid techs? One tech said he sees the issue. Please acknowledge that the issue exists and that you either don’t know why or can’t fix it because it cant be fixed.

Hi Jim,

I remember your case. You had two issues: rising Age of Differential and decreased LoRa range. We indeed confirmed the first issue. Based on this, we made comparison tests between 27 and 28 firmware versions to check if there is some significant difference in Age of Differential. But it doesn’t seem to be a common software issue. And we have no choice but troubleshoot your exact device and ask you for additional data.

The same is for the second issue, decreased LoRa range: by the logs we have, we can’t say why exactly you have the issue with LoRa range. At least, we need to check how it works with different LoRa settings and on another survey site.

I understand that 27 working better than 28 looks like an obvious evident that there is an issue with the firmware. But in this case, we would be able to reproduce this. Firmware may work different on different hardware. It’s rare, but it happens. And if you’re ready, I’m ready to continue this investigation.


Sure thing. Send me two correctly working and tested units running the latest firmware and I will send you back my two.

I just started a large two month project and cannot be without them or messing around changing settings. Im working fine on 27 for now. If your units work ill make the exchange

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