Reach RS2 connection error to an android 10 device


I have a Reach RS2 receiver that I control with a Samsung S5 Android 6 device and it works very well. I had to replace the Samsung Android 6 device with another device with a higher energy storage capacity because I risked running out of battery when I was in the field, so I found an OukiTel WP5 Pro device with Android 10.
The problem is that I can’t connect this device to Reach RS2 I get the message as “Connected, no internet”.
With the old device I manage to connect to Reach RS2, in the Wi-Fi menu you can see the hotspot (name: “pt.reach”) which has the status “not avalible”, hotspot created by the device I would like to connect with, namely OukiTel WR 5 Pro.

If necessary, I can also send you the detailed report generated by Reach RS2.

Please, how can i solve this problem?
Thank you very much, let’s hear only good.

Do you have a SIM card and service? If not then you are connected to the RS2, but there is no internet associated with either device.

Can you clarify this a little?

Hi @gheorghe.ardelean,

Reach indeed doesn’t provide an Internet connection in hotspot mode unless you have a SIM-card inserted. However, can you access the device in ReachView in that case?

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