New Data Collector

Just thought i’d share since I am excited about not having to use my phone. I rarely use RV3 iOS because I am a FieldGenius user. I do use it for simple locations and topos.

OUKITEL WP5 - $150

And My Favorite, LOL…


Oh and here’s a link.

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So how does FG look on that ?

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Haven’t installed it yet, but it’s only 1/2" smaller than my Pixel 3XL and it has been working great. I just got tired of sharing battery and having to constantly turn of my mobile data :triumph: so the WiFi to the RS2 would work and having to jump back if I needed to get a cloud file or check my email.

I hope it works for you as that range of cell phones when you try to work with reach gets slow at everything we wait for your impressions since you have it in the field (I bought the ulefone 5) and said all that that says the features and ended up in the trash

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I put my expectations pretty low, but I very rarely ever stakeout more than 20 points and set GCP’s so I can be tolerant. It does have one of the newer quad processors, Android 10 and 4GB of RAM so i’ll keep my fingers crossed. Finishing setup and will have FG on it soon.

Duuuude I want the french bulldog speaker so bad.

Looks like tough enough hardware.


I know right?! If I had known about the surprise it would have made my choice through the 3 devices I found allot easier… :thinking:


FieldGenius looks great and the touch screen on this device is very good. I have one curiosity of an artifact that was left on the screen. When I was trying to activate my FieldGenius I went to Chrome to the MicroSurvey licensing portal and when I tried to highlight and copy the text I had no options to copy. I went back to FG and the number was there on the screen like a watermark. I restarted and obviously it went back to normal, but I will see how it goes.

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I was able to setup my personal Gmail and install Outlook and setup my work Exchange email. Files saved and were easily retrieved from Downloads as expected.


I finally found a really good pole mount. I had one that was similar, but it didn’t have the straps and the weight of this phone needed it.

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Crescendo Mobile Device Pole Mount

I find it easier just to strap a smart phone to my wrist.

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That would be a great option if I wasn’t on potentially dangerous terrain and having to use tools. Have you found a good holder?

How does the screen handle rain? I need a touchscreen that could handle rain for 364 out of the 365 days a year we have.


That’s definitely inexpensive! I’ll keep it in mind for future purchases. Personally I went for this along with a few 3M adhesive mounts for tablets and a smaller version for my phone :

That articulated arm is pretty solid, no complaints and infinitely adjustable. The only problem is that whatever phone or tablet you’re using needs a back surface that’s not rubberized on which the 3M VHB can adhere.

So far so good. I had it out in a pretty good rain last week, totally unprepared and soaking wet and I did not notice any extra activations on the screen, but it’s still responded well to my touch.


That’s definitely interesting. How does the actual connection to the device happen. All I see is the interface to the rod.