Reach rs2 battery drain when off

My reach rs2 (new in July) will drain the battery from 80% to empty in a few weeks when turns off.

Is there some setting that has something that remains on?

Hi John,

Thanks for reporting!

It’s okay for all electronic devices to discharge when turned off since they lose charge due to chemical reactions. Sure thing, it shouldn’t go from 80% to the complete discharge state in two weeks or so. You can share a Full system report from your RS2 with me, so that I can check the battery health by the logs. It’ll help we to draw some conclusions on the receiver’s condition and if there’s anything wrong with it, we’re going to figure this out.

You can download the Full system report from ReachView 3. Go to Settings - General - System report - Generate full report. Please, share it with me via as the report contains sensitive info.

Here is the report.

Went from full to 2 dots in 2 weeks.

Fixed the comment: deleted the link to the Full system report on Google Drive.

Just a small question about RS2 battery. What is the nominal voltage for empty and full capacity?
Ref. I have the early RS2 with the “special” reading :grimacing:

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Hi John,

Sorry for the silence here!

I’ll check your report and will let you know what I’ve found.

Hi John,

I’ve looked through your report. I see the case you highlighted regarding the battery level percentage drop when the receiver is turned off. At the same time, the voltage level doesn’t change drastically. This makes me think that you’ve faced the wrong battery level measurement issue, which results in the wrong charge status indication. The issue doesn’t affect the battery performance. And we’re already checking the possible ways of resolving this issue.

Your battery health looks fine at the moment. But I’d still want to see a more detailed report from your device to make sure it’s fine. For the analysis, I want to ask you to run the following test:

  1. Turn on the device and put it on charge.
  2. Keep it charging for a night.
  3. Once the device is fully charged, unplug it from the power.
  4. Keep it working until it power off.
  5. Generate the Full System report and send it to me via

This test will show me the whole cycle of the battery behavior and help me to provide solid conclusions on this case.

I’ve also removed the link to Google Drive with your Full system report from your post so that the sensitive data from your device isn’t publicly accessible.


It’s a LIFEPO4 nominal voltage is 6.4v, this makes the max charge voltage 7.3v and a discharge cut off at 5v. Hope this helps.

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It’s actually healthy for the batteries to discharge. Their life expantancy is reduced if left with a full charge.
Not sure if the RS2 actively discharges the battery as a feature.
Devices that use Intelligent batteries, ie battery packs which have built in management circuity will start discharging usually after a couple of days and will bring the pack down to around 20% over some weeks.

Importantly. When batteries are in a discharging state, the internal cells will often become unbalanced, ie different voltages. Using the device with a discharging battery pack will damage the cells as the current flow will be higher in the lower voltage cells to meet the power demand. So the general advice is to always charge your battery before using a device that has been sitting for a while.
Hope this helps.

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