Reach RS2 base + Trimble Rover


I’m interested into buying a Reach RS2 receiver as a NTrip base station to connect multiple Trimble instrument (R10 and SPS986 as rover, MS992 for machine control).

I’ve seen a lot of topic about trouble to connect Trimble product to RS+ and RS2 base, because of the 1008 message.

It is unclear on the existing topics if the issue was fixed. Anyone using Trimble rover to connect to Reach base over Ntrip connection ?

Thank you !

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Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to our community forum!

We added support for 1004, 1008, 1012, and 1033 messages. So, now Reach RS2 should work as a base with Trimble receivers with no issues.

Here is the list of supported RTCM3 messages.


Great, thank you !!