Reach RS2 as Base with Emlid Caster and Trimble R8s as a Rover

i am trying to use RS2 as Base with Emlid Caster and Trimble R8s as rover.
The R8s has all options GPS, Glonass, Galileo udn Beidou.

Using the legacy messages only, it works fine (GPS and Glonas) but when i
turn on 1124 and 1094 (Galileo and BeiDou) + legacy messages the R8s dosent
get a fix.

Is there any possibilty to use Galileo and BeiDou with Trimble R8s ore above?
Perhaps adding the legacy messages for Galileo and BaiDou?



Trimble seems to sell Galileo and BeiDou signal tracking separatly for the R8s receiver :—Galileo/p/568252—BeiDou/p/568251

Maybe your R8s doesn’t have the correct license and only works with GPS and Glonass. You need to check you’re R8s configurations to know what options are activated and contact Trimble to purchase additionnal Galileo and BeiDou licences if needed.

I’m not sure how to check the current options installed in a R8s. The R10 as a web interface we can interact with over Wifi, but I can’t say for the R8s.

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all GNSS options of the R8s are activated! → ja = yes → nein = no
In the upper right is the solution, it is from GPS and Glonass with emlid caster and rs2 as base.
Due to GPS and Glonass only, there are only 11 satellites in the solution.

I am not able to get the Galileo and BaiDou corrections from the Emlid caster,
this is the only working RS2 setting:

In the moment I add 1094 or 1124

The R8s didn’t go to the initialization and stuck:

I really don’t know what to do.

Hi Christian,

I think it’s important to check whether the messages that Reach sends are supported by your Trimble. I’ve made a small research, but couldn’t find the particular BeiDou and Galileo messages your receiver asks for. Still, I think it should be possible to find it in specs or clarify it with the Trimble support.

Also, I’d check that the firmware of both receivers is updated to the latest versions – just to ensure there are no issues with that.

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Hi Christian,

Did you get a chance to find out which messages are required by your Trimble receiver?

Can you expand the “L2E/L2…” column so we can see the whole string? I would suspect it says “L2E/L2P”

i did some research with SNIP and “show message in RTCM viewer” to compare the German SAPOS-NRW RTCM messages and the Emlid caster messages.

With the SAPOS-NRW stream the r8s use alls GNSS in the fix
and everything works fine.

With the Emlid stream, in the moment when the fix begins Gallileo and BeiBou sattelites take not into akount and the fix is without them!!!

I really don’t understand that beahviour, there areonly minor differences
to the SAPOS stream:
Emlid dose not support the 1032 message, and the NULLANTENNA is written in a other

Anny suggestions?


These are the RTCM message broadcasted by a Trimble R10 installed as a base station. So these are the message you’re Trimble R8s need to receive.


Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing your findings! I’ll discuss them with the team and write you back.

Hi Christian,

I’ve discussed the possible reasons with our devs. MSM and legacy messages are not intended to be mixed. Most likely, it’s the reason why your Trimble can’t use base corrections when both MSM and legacy messages are enabled.

You can stick to the setup with only GPS and GLONASS legacy messages or try enabling GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou MSM messages. If your Trimble supports all of them, it can help.

Sorry, but i think you didn’t get what the Problem is.

The R8s dosen’t need legacy messages, the R8s works fine
with the German Ntrip correction service (SAPOS) including
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. I pointed that out in the
screenshot above (SAPOS NRW). The MSM4 messages from
SAPOS are nerarly the same as from RS2-Base via Emlid Caster.
I am not a MSM specialist, so i can’t figure out in depth wehre
the diffrences are, for me they looking identical, but the R8s
couldn’t handel the Gallileo and BeiDou MSM from RS2-Base
via Emlid Caster.

Hi Christian,

This combination doesn’t work because it’s a mix of legacy and MSM messages.

I see you mentioned only legacy messages work fine. But what happens when you enable only MSM? I mean, all of them. Does your R8S stay Float or Single?

How does it behave if you enable 1006, 1074, and 1084 only?

These are indeed minor differences and shouldn’t affect the performance. But I want to see how different combinations exactly work. Maybe it will shed some light.

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