Reach RS2 and MicroSurvey FieldGenius

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Also confirmed it works really good with FG , connected via bluetooth NMEA with a Mesa2 tablet.:+1:


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I also have a Juno SC. I have no problem connecting to the RS2 thought Bluetooth, but I am not familiar on how we can load geoid files and getting the elevation corrections. I have been trying to reach out to micro survey and really hard to get in touch with them. All I want to do are real time correcting using NTRIP, collect lines, areas, points and been able to use the tools of fieldgenius to calculate volumes, total counts and line measurements. I’m also interested using the base/rover and post process the collected features using EzSurv and or RTKlib. Is there any good material on how to use Fieldgenius on Juno SC? I sure could use a guide on how to use it.


It’s all here:

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Oddly (or not) I was just on the phone with them a few hours ago.

Drop me a personal message if you want to speak to my rep there. They are alway super helpful in my experience.


Same here , always get a answer from them.


Use this article for the local elevation:

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As stated, go the the MicroSurvey helpdesk page and select downloads then FieldGenius. Just below the download links is an entire page on where to get the goid files and where to put them on the device.


Hey Everyone, Jeran here from MicroSurvey,

I just wanted to let you know that we have fixed a connection issue with Emlid RS2 units, so they will now stay connected when you’re using them. We do not have base/rover configurations available yet for Emlid units, but we literally just got test units in a few days ago after so many requests for Emlid RS2 support and a long shipping delay. We are working on it, and we are aware of the issues you’ve had! Version 1.2 will be available very soon, and it will have the connection fix. I’ll try to update you when I know more about the base/rover configurations, but I am pushing to get it built ASAP.


Is that then only for the new android version, or did you mean 10.2,

Fixes to the Emlid driver will end up in both products actually, and we should be able to get base/rover connections in FieldGenius for Windows. By version 1.2, I did mean only the Android version, but the bluetooth disconnection issue shouldn’t be a problem for Windows customers. The driver that is currently in place was based off the original Emlid RS, which is why base/rover was never put in place. Windows FieldGenius 10.3 was released a few weeks ago, if you were looking for an update.


Thanks for the update Jeran.

Any thoughts as timescale of release of 10.3.x update that has native RS2 drivers in the package?

[Oops I just realised that was my opening question in the thread]

That is in the works as we speak but a timeline is not availible ,I’m sure it will be soon though.

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Hopefully. Sound like they have hardware now to test with and the will to get it done, following strong requests/customer demand.

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I was just doing some testing today after a discussion with Emlid, and discovered something. You should already be able to use your RS2 with FieldGenius 10.3. Emlid does not allow radio configuration via bluetooth, it MUST be done within the ReachView app. You can configure your radio settings for each receiver from the ReachView app, then start the base. After doing this, switch over to FieldGenius, connect to your rover via bluetooth; the solution should fix and allow you to work, as long as the radios are configured correctly. I realize this isn’t the greatest solution, because the ReachView app doesn’t allow you to enter a base coordinate (so far as I can tell), but a local transformation within FieldGenius should get your project to the right area. You can also use NTRIP by setting your corrections input in ReachView to bluetooth and RTCM3, then connecting in FieldGenius, using Data Collector Internet, and selecting an NTRIP connection with RTCM3 and NMEA connection. Emlid already has some documentation on it here: and you can email me anytime at to help walk you through it. This functionality is also available in FieldGenius Android, but you’ll need to wait until version 1.2 is released to get the bluetooth connection stability fix and local transformations.