Reach RS2 and MicroSurvey FieldGenius

Does anyone from Emlid know if MicroSurvey have any plans to include a native Reach RS2 driver profile in FieldGenius 10?


Why not simply ask MicroSurvey themselves? :smiley:

I would assume you would have to ask MicroSurvey also since it’s their software. But understandable something both that Emlid and MicroSurvey would cooperate on and could respond about.

Have you tried the generic NMEA driver as I had to use that with older versions of FG with the Reach RS before they created a native driver at the time. If you have a RS2 & FG, please let us know if the generic NMEA driver works? Seems if the RS2 had special features such as tilt-compensation or electronic bubble level, then a native driver would be needed more so than just generic NMEA…but not sure the RS2 has anything extra special to require that?

Will do. But from the previous efforts it read like a joint affair (which is totally understandable)…


I guess the “nicety” of a native driver is that much like ReachView in itself it enables you to configure things like NTRIP and GSM connection settings all within FG without having to then fire up another device with ReachView to do the same.


I did ask Microsurvey and they said they haven’t done anything yet and they were going to contact Emlid about that to put it in place ,that was a week ago so hopefully they are getting things going.


Thanks for the update. That sounds reasonably positive! Hopefully we might see an update in time for the next point release.


For sure we need this to work to do our line and point creation.

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This is what Microsurvey had to say this morning , As of now, there is no development going for the RS2 for FieldGeinus. But I did message our sales rep, and he said he will be in touch with Emlid, so we may have a driver for it in a future release. I cannot say for sure right now, but we’ll see what they say.


Hopefully sooner than later… “IF” a native driver is required for RS2 to work with FG, really wish this was already dealt with so when RS2 are delivered, everything is ready to go versus waiting again. : / So doesn’t look like any collaboration was had before hand.

If anyone knows, does the RS2 work with the generic NMEA driver at least? if so, then a NEW version of FG wouldn;t be needed either. i.e. would work with FG v9, not just v10.

For users or even PRO users that were provided RS2 early, it’s as easy as downloading their FREE DEMO of 30 points limitation from their site to see please.

FieldGenius 10

FieldGenius 9

EDIT: I think @wizprod uses FG and has a RS2? ; )


I’ll try it out later


Maybe Emlid can chime in here to because Microsurvey says they did contact them already.


I will message Michael Bachinski there too. They’re usually super helpful at MicroSurvey.


I’ll try it out Friday if FedEX behaves :slight_smile:


I just Talked to Michael and he says he emailed them and will know tomorrow , But he thinks it just might work as is through nema


Hey everyone,

This is correct.

It should work the same way as other Reach devices.

We will conduct more tests soon to confirm everything works smoothly.


Works like a charm for me.
Running a Trimble Juno SC connecting to the RS2 via Bluetooth (virtual com port) and then selecting Basic/NMEA option in FG.


Awesome stuff . No need to worry anymore.

Thank you @wizprod

Nice one. Thank you :pray: