Reach RS2 and hot shoe adapter

Is there a cable or connector that I can use with the Reach RS2 so that I can use the hot shoe connector? I do a lot of boom mounted photogrammetry and I would rather purchase a RS2 than an M2 as it would be a better general purpose unit. I would like to collect the positional data with the photo time stamps, then post process the positions, and finally replace the camera positions after post processing.


How will you be getting corrections for the RS2? Another as a base? Ntrip? PPK CORS?

What are you using for photogrammetry software?

Any of those are possibilities, but just assume that I will post process against a RINEX file from a base.

I use AGISoft MetaShape for photogrammetry. For UAS photos I usually use HoudahGeo to edit metadata on the photos after time syncing the camera and GPS. I could just do that here, but I was hoping that I could get the same results with less steps.

So the question still stands, does the RS2 support a cable connection to the hot shoe? None of the questions above are actually relevant to that question although they may be interesting as general background information.

So the [quote=“chascoadmin, post:2, topic:17449, full:true”]
How will you be getting corrections for the RS2? Another as a base? Ntrip? PPK CORS?

What are you using for photogrammetry software?

Nevermind then. Good luck.

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Sorry if you took my answer as rude, if so I apologize. If you were just interested in what type of work I do I will tell you.

I am the Principal Geophysicist for an engineering consulting firm and previously I worked for the US Army as a research geophysicist for almost 20 years. I have a PhD in geophysics and have taught classes in GIS and remote sensing. I have been doing photogrammetry for around 10 years. I started with fixed wing platforms like then Event384, then started using multirotor platforms like the Turbo Ace Matrix Pro E, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro 2, Matrice 210 v2, Riegl RiCopter, and others. I have done GNSS surveying, LiDAR surveying, and photogrammetry all over the world. I have used LiDAR systems from Trimble, Riegl, Leica, and Faro. I have used pretty much every GNSS receiver Trimble has made in the last 20 years in autonomous modes, satellite correction versions from OmniStar, post-process my data against base stations that are CORS or ones that I set, RTK, PPK, and static sureys to establish benchmarks. I have tested or rented most other brands of GNSS receivers as well.

All of the positioning stuff is just a way to improve the accuracy of the locations of my geophysical measurements.

I started doing photogrammetry as a way to generate high resolution orthophotos on which to overlay my gridded geophysical data.

I purchased the first version EMLID receiver when it was on Kickstarter. I then purchased multiple REACH RS units for testing and low cost postioning. I have held off on purchasing the RS2 or the M2 as I was trying to figure out where they would fit in my workflow.

I started collecting a lot of photogrammetry data from boom mounted systems when I was working on either airports or US Air Force facilities. My general approach is to mount a camera on a carbon fiber boom above and in front of my vehicle. I have usually used a really cheap GPS receiver next to the DSLR or mirrorless camera that I have on the boom. I use HoudahGeo to synchronize the camera time and GPS time so that I can then interpolate the camera positions from a log file. This position data isn’t very accurate so I was considering using a EMLID M2 or RS2 if they could both use the hot shoe adapter.

My question is if the RS2 can utilize the hot shoe adapter.

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Thank you for the information on the camera trigger port. I can get cm accuracy now if I want to. I can put my Trimble units above the camera and do a GPS synchronization. I usually don’t bother with that since I have ground control points (GCP).

Hi @ryanenorth,

Reach RS2 is able to record timestamps from a camera. You can use an Event pin for this purpose. Check out the Reach RS2 bottom connector pinout for more details [PDF, 1 MB].

You may use this cable from our online store for such integration.

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