Reach RS2 and FDOT FPRN

Looking to buy the Reach RS2 to use with Florida Department of Transportation’s Fixed Permanent Reference Network. Anyone doing this and if so how well does it work?

What exactly will the use-case be? A little more details would help answer your question.

I have used an RS2 on Ohio, Indiana and Michigan CORs network without issue.

As the other asked what application are you using it for?

Wanting to know of any connectivity issues or usability issues with the Florida Permanent Reference Network. I’ll be using the RS2 as a rover.

Never used the Florida system. As long as you have it set up right no connectivity issues unless their server goes down or you have lack of cell service.

Is the Florida system a VRSs system? If so you should have very good results. If it is a nearest tower system you’ll still have good but not as good

From this document and this page it seems that it should work with no issue as they state to output RTCM 3 MSM4.

Standard formats include:
MAX: RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3.1, CMR+
FKP: RTCM 2.3.

There’s been questions about what types of RTCM messages the RS2 supports (that it would need at minimum MSM4) and there’s a list of supported input messages here. If you can verify on your end with the FDOT what messages they output, you might have a better idea if there should be an issue.

But of course, nothing would be better than an Emlid user from Florida that could answer with a quick yes or no. I’d test it but it requires registering for a (free) account with a 2-day delay before it can work, which might be even more since Florida just got pummeled.

Yep, the the RS2 works with FPRN over NTRIP. I had success connecting mine on some test runs with the MSM4 mount point for multi constellation corrections and also connected VRS successfully. I live internationally, so I tested it there for only a few weeks while I was in the US, but I didn’t run into any problems.


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Reach RS2 can receive corrections in RTCM3 format only. As Gabriel noticed, FPRN should provide corrections in this format, so there should be no issues with receiving them. To learn how to configure the correction input, you may take a look at our Working with NTRIP service guide.

Hi Doug,

I would additionally emphasize that, as Gabriel noticed, the best variant here is to choose MSM4 messages. Reach RS2 should work just fine with them.

Thanks to everyone that replied. I have purchased the RS2 and now am trying to configure it to work with the FPRN. I have just started and went through the initial setup without any problems but now I’m trying to figure out what I have to do to connect to the FPRN. I’m not the most tech savvy person on here and most of the comments are unfortunately above my level of comprehension buy I’m learning. My setup is a RS2 receiver with an iPhone 7 . One question I have is do I have to have a sim card or can I use my phone as a hotspot?

You can use your phone as a hotspot, but there have been users with issues using the same device as both a hotspot and ReachView client (I was one of them, but on Android).

Just make sure to follow the instructions and boot the RS2 after the hotspot is active as after it is booted and connected to a memorized network SSID, there is no way to switch network outside of rebooting or somehow accessing the unit settings in Reachview, which would require being on the same network.

If FPRN is like OHCORS, you will need to apply for a username password if you haven’t already. When they get you that they will give you all the login info server IP address, server port, mount points available etc.

Once you have all that and have setup your phone to be used as a hotspot, you will have to set up the corrections in the RS2. From their you should be running in a fix status.

Hi Doug,

To provide Reach RS2 with the Internet connection, you can either use a SIM, a Wi-Fi network, or a mobile hotspot. If you want to connect the receiver to your smartphone’s hotspot, you may follow the steps:

  • Connect your smartphone and Reach RS2 to one Wi-Fi network

  • Open the ReachView Wi-Fi tab on your smartphone

  • Press Connect to a hidden network

  • Fill in the smartphone’s hotspot name, security type, and password

  • Press the Connect button. Blue LED should start blinking on Reach

Reach should connect to the hotspot during the next boot.

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If I use my smartphone as a hotspot to provide an internet connection for the RS2 will I still be able to use the Reachview app on the smartphone for surveying purposes such as staking out to points, collecting points, etc?

Yes as your RS2 and phone are on the same network.

Tried this several times to no avail. Also found a video, and tried it several times with same results. Cannot connect to my iPhone 7 hotspot.

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Sorry, I am not good with I-things. I am more of an Android guy

No problem. I’m not too good with either one.

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