Reach RS position output 4800 baud


We are using the Reach to provide RTK positions to our measurement system. This measurement systems used 3rd party software to log the data. The problem with the setup is that:

  1. This software needs a physical RS232 connection with NMEA strings as input.
  2. This software only works with 4800 baud.

Is seems that in reachview it is not possible to set the baud rate to 4800. Is there a way to do this in any other way?

And a follow up question: this topic has a similar issue:

In this topic it seems possible to have an output at 4800 baud (is this an RS2 feature). However they want to filter certain messages. Is this a feature that is implemented (or will be implemented in the future)?

Hi Steven,

Unfortunately, there’s no way to set this specific baud rate via Reach. In the future, we consider providing a more flexible workflow for integrating Reach with 3rd-party software and hardware. May I ask you what software you use?

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Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your response. We are using something called “K2fastwave”. Is a software for a GPR and it can only handle a GPS with a baud rate of 4800. We have tried to contact the supplier of the software to check if they can upgrade their software to handle higher baud rates. Unfortunately they have indicated that they will not implement this feature.

Currently we use a trimble GPS (with RTK corrections). This GPS provides two features that makes it work with this software:

  1. Low baud rate
  2. The ability to turn of NMEA messages.

Steven, thank you for providing me with more context. It’s noted, we hope to address this in the future.

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