GSSI SIR3000 / RS2 setup?

I’m having a hard time connecting the RS2 to my SIR3000 setup. Can anyone help?

The SIR3000 calls for 4800 BAUD; I have that set on the RS2 output, but can’t get the SIR to read EMLID. (and yes i have the cable connected between the RS2/SIR3000)

Does the SIR unit gives any error messages?

In the Sir3000 GPS setup box, it shows blank in the status boxes. I can get it to show the words “no data” in the boxes if I change the settings on the RS2 to an invalid format.
When I go to collect data, across the header, it’s says something like, “no valid GGA” (I’m not right in front of it, but can get exact messaging later if needed).

Hi there,

Do you have opportunity to check with GSSI? They will be more precise in suggesting the correct settings. Unfortunately, we don’t have GPR in our disposal to test, but this setup should work fine.

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Is there a way to turn GGA messaging on or off? or is it always automatically on?

Hi @dreamintel,

At the moment, it’s not possible to choose the types of NMEA messages outputted by Reach.

Currently, Reach receivers output the following NMEA messages: GNRMC, GNGGA, GPGSA, GLGSA, GAGSA, GPGSV, GLGSV, GAGSV, GNGST, GNVTG, GNZDA.

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