Reach RS+ for OpenGrade

Hi there, I’ve been looking at getting set up with RTK correction for drainage in our fields. I plan on pairing Reach RS+ with BrianTee’s Opengrade onto my microsoft surface pro. Will I be able to pair my rs+ rover to my surface pro via bluetooth? and will OpenGrade be able to read the rs+ correction?

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M2 to ag open

RS+,M+,RS2, and M2 all work with AgOpen software. Though with open you have to build your own hardware.

I am not sure about bluetooth but by serial yes definitely.

Emlid is fantastic with AgOpen

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I would encourage you to purchase the M2 or the RS2 over the M+ or RS+. For drainage work the little upfront difference will be well worth it in the long run.


I agree as well the + versions work,

But the 2 versions just work so much better.
And they fix fast, and keep a fix under pretty challenging conditions.

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Thank you for your input. As I understand it, the M2 is more reliable because it is multi band?

Yes I realize I’ll have to do some hardware building to get OpenGrade to control the blade height. That’s why I enjoy these forums so much. Very seldom there is something that cannot be solved!

Thanks again!

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Hi Paul,

Yes, the data from more bands enables M2 to obtain the fix faster. Also, more data helps with calculating fix solution when the conditions are more demanding. However, single-band receivers are can do the job just fine when provided with a clear sky view with minimum objects deflecting the GPS signal.

@PotatoFarmer and @jp-drain-sol, thank you for your comments.

I know too many that bought the + first, then the 2 to get it done. The RS2/M2 will give you better reception with quicker fix

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